Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tin Soliders

"Tin Soldiers" Season 2 episode Episode 15 (Originally Aired February 8, 2011
After Callen catches a man breaking into his house, a former KGB operative leads the NCIS team to a shipment of counterfeit computer chips entering the United States. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: So this episode is the one that got me back watching the show.
Merrie: GAH! I hate these "Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles..."
NCISLARewatch: Also that I remembered that COD was ON the show and I had been stuck in the house for a week because of the snow in Texas.
NCISLARewatch Hubby: This isn't Ice Age....leaves room
NCISLARewatch: SEAL thing with Sam!
Merrie: Hubby: Enters room with basket of laundry... Me: Can you make popcorn... Hubby: (sigh) sure Me: :)
NCISLARewatch: Nag nag nag! Oh...body in the trunk
NCISLARewatch: Deeks I agree with Kensi
Merrie: I think you're a head of me
NCISLARewatch: crap. where are you?
Merrie: hopeless romantic
Merrie: you're just hopeless
NCISLARewatch: tell me when your at TJ hooker
Merrie: now
NCISLARewatch: Okay
NCISLARewatch:  LOL!
NCISLARewatch:  Shaggy from scooby doo! LOL!!!
Merrie: Shaggy from Scooby doo! AHahahaha!
NCISLARewatch:Okay Deeks giving her that look about nothing to steal!
Merrie: ARKADY!!!
NCISLARewatch: Okay why didn't he just call? I think he's the one who contacted Hetty that Callen and Amy were in the US.
NCISLARewatch:Nell! LOL!
Merrie: Oh Nell, you need to tone down the scarcasm!
NCISLARewatch: Hetty doesn't believe him.
NCISLARewatch: She has a point Callen.
Merrie: That's because Hetty is smarter than him!
Merrie:  Hehehe, I gotta get out more! Oh Callen, yes you do!
NCISLARewatch: yep!
Both of Us: You like kittens, long walks in the rain, and Barry Manilow. LOL!
NCISLARewatch: I have to leave before the trouble starts....
NCISLARewatch:Hubby: He's totally looking up her dress
Merrie: Oh Deeks... "This club sucks!" Ahhahaha!
NCISLARewatch:Deeks he's going to kill you!
NCISLARewatch: You want a hug!
NCISLARewatch: yes she is Callen.
Merrie: Esme... another Twilight reference... blech...
NCISLARewatch:: I swear i know this song that is playing in the background!
NCISLARewatch:  Twilight BLECH!
NCISLARewatch:  I taught the kids to say 'Vampires don't sparkle!"
Merrie: Anne Rice is going to be at the NYComicCon! I so want to go!!!
 Okay back on track now...
NCISLARewatch: Okay and we have a dead guy.
Merrie: Hey he knows the gypsies!!! We should send the kiddles to him!!! xD
NCISLARewatch:Why doesn't Kensi say to Niko "You had the crap beaten out of you!"
Merrie: Niko is hubby's nick name with his family... and that's a good question.
NCISLARewatch: You can see a bruise on him!
NCISLARewatch: my GOD that guy has big ears!
Merrie: okay so who is this guy working for???
NCISLARewatch: I don't think they ever explained that. They also never explained why the guy who Callen found was dead.
NCISLARewatch: Oops Nell gets caught!
Merrie: They actually just said that he was working for Niki
 Oops Niko
Merrie: Awwww, Deeks is MapQuest and Kensi is Wikipedia! So sweet! ;)
Merrie:Hehehe! You'd be doing me a favor!
NCISLARewatch: Caught by Momma!
Merrie: Oh crap Kensi
Merrie: Just drive. Not too close
Merrie: That sexy enough for you?
NCISLARewatch: How in the HELL does he know that he was at the cemetery?
NCISLARewatch: Great a common enemy that is now shooting at them.
NCISLARewatch: Married couple mode
Merrie: Hubby: is that car bullet proof? Me; um I don't know. Hubby: I want Myth Busters to check that out. Are car doors really bullet proof?
Merrie: Drink!
NCISLARewatch:LOL! I wondered the same thing too!
NCISLARewatch: Just not together
Merrie: LOL! I just pretend that everything that happens in movies and TV is complete reality! xD
NCISLARewatch:: Beer and Chinese food
Merrie: Callen stop, it's Hetty. She brought you a plant.
NCISLARewatch:Stop looking into it I'm trying to protect you boy!
Merrie: Oh sure Hetty, it's easy for you to say that, you know all about Callen's past.
NCISLARewatch I need one of those plants.
NCISLARewatch: Oh I forgot one COD's son was in this episode!
Merrie: LOL, Yeah and I even mentioned that to hubby too. I'll drink 2 for that slip.
NCISLARewatch: Next one is a Dave one!

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