Monday, November 14, 2011

A Partner in Crime.....

Hello!  Welcome to the NCISLARewatch Blog!  After almost two months away we are back with the rest of Season 1!

So after finally realizing that I cannot do this by myself I have asked (begged) Merrie to help me out. (Merrie is on Twitter @merrily17)  She agreed and we’ve been working on it when we have the time.

When I started this I wanted it to be fun.  It was causing more work that I needed to do.  The point is to re-watch.  So this is what you all (or Y’all as we say in Texas) have to do.


Merrie and I will provide comments (with some comments from our husbands) thoughts, reactions, trivia and useless info, that we have.

Hope you enjoy.  I will start posting the rest of season 1 in the next couple of days.   There will be NO REWATCH on November 22 (Thanksgiving week).  Season 2 will start November 29th!!!  

Thanks again for your support and reading.


B. and Merrie