Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SEASON 3 Episode 1: Lange, H

Originally Aired September 20, 2011

As the team travels to Romania to search for Hetty, Callen discovers new information about his past. Written by CBS Publicity (From IMDB.com)

Merrie: Romania... just in case you thought we were in California... LO
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: you're watching this again?
NCISLAREwatch: Bang...
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: Bitch!
Merrie: LOL.
Merrie: This DVD is louder than the last season
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: Why didn't Hetty fling herself across the table and ring her neck?
Merrie: Um, probably because she was shot i the gut and in just a little pain
NCISLAREwatch   Yes. Protect the tradition....kill people. Great tradition!
NCISLAREwatch:  Sam's translation: get your shit together!
Merrie: Tempting Eric to the dark side with Oreos!!!
NCISLAREwatch: well they do have cookies!
NCISLAREwatch: and yet the team did not get caught doing that.
Merrie: This is the episode where they put extensions in ECO's air because he got it cut too short... Looks terrible
NCISLAREwatch: yep.
Merrie: I'd love to know if this is the truth or just another cover
NCISLAREwatch: and you make soup.
NCISLAREwatch: she has a point.
Merrie: I wonder what it's like to hold a grudge for that long, and it's not even your grudge it's your parents...
me: I know
Merrie: I want to make soup now... ;)
me: LOL!
Merrie: What is she doing with that knife??? That is so not how to chop carrots!!!
 She's not even looking at the knife, she 's lucky she didn't lose a finger in this scene
NCISLAREwatch: yes his grandfather was only hunting his family down no one else. Good Lord talk about a grudge.
NCISLAREwatch: I still think that Callen’s Mom married a Comescu
NCISLAREwatch: Yes honeymoon in Romania.
Merrie: I love how they tinted the film to make it look NOT like California.
NCISLAREwatch: Guys it's Hetty of course she would hide it in plain sight!
Merrie: And here comes the guest of honor herself... Hello Agent Hunter!
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: woman with a stick up her butt!
NCISLAREwatch: Oh crap Callen's going to the Darkside. 'Kill them all'
Merrie: Yeah
NCISLAREwatch: Ah Vance. Nervous Father mode.
NCISLAREwatch: Bingo!
Merrie: UGH! I wanna rip those extensions out!
NCISLAREwatch:Yes Deeks running will NOT get you noticed
NCISLAREwatch: Hey they left one alive!
NCISLAREwatch: They really should not have  **<REDACTED>**
Merrie: No they could have had a good story line  ** <REDACTED>**
NCISLAREwatch: yep.
NCISLAREwatch: gee I wonder who the 4 numbers belong to.
NCISLAREwatch: Why does Kensi stress Eric and Nell are good?
Merrie: Ahahahaha! that was the first time read the Text message... Phone home...Okay ET LOL
Merrie: I'm not sure... maybe she wasn't supposed to stress the Nell part and they just left in that take because the others sucked.
NCISLAREwatch: Well of course he's there! Good Lord woman
NCISLAREwatch: She has rotten timing!
NCISLAREwatch: Hunter I mean
Merrie: LOL, I think that was the point
NCISLAREwatch: and another person who knows about him is now dead.
Merrie: Yeah that's the G face that I see every time I write the new story. That intensity and anger
NCISLAREwatch:Yeah I see that too.
NCISLAREwatch:Hubby laughs at Sam running.
Merrie: LOL I just did too!
NCISLAREwatch:Okay it took a long time for her to go "thud"
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: Hoo Wee!!!

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