Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lock Up

Lockup season 2 episode 14 (Originally aired February 1,2011) 

Sam goes undercover as a prisoner to track down a terrorist group responsible for several bombings around the world. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: I think I've only seen this episode like three times.
Merrie: I think I've only seen it twice but I know Deeks is in his underwear in it!!! xD
NCISLARewatch: wait...what?
Merrie: uh-oh Kensi looks upset
Merrie: Let her eat her feelings in peace! Ahahahahaha! Gotta love Sam!
NCISLARewatch: oh crap Sam is not going to be happy
Merrie: I'm beginning to wonder if Sam is ever happy?? Unless of course he's making fun of G or Deeks! ;)
NCISLARewatch:Camera at the cemetery.
Merrie: Oh no what's that Callen??? Flashbacks... toy soldier... hmmmm...
NCISLARewatch:Gee I wonder why she would be there.
NCISLARewatch:  Now I want to know who was there! They never explained that.
Merrie: No they didn't. LOL Hubby just said the same thing to me! He said great minds think alike...
Merrie:  NATE!!!!!
NCISLARewatch: Still doesn't make Sam feel any better.
Merrie: I love when they use the term shell company yet they don't explain what that means to the viewers who may not know...
NCISLARewatch: Not even a postcard. Well he was in the Republic of None of Your Damn Business. It's a dangerous place
NCISLARewatch:  Brother?!
NCISLARewatch:  Special friend? Phil!
Merrie: Phil...ipa, Philippa, gotta love those Brits!
NCISLARewatch:Why is it every time they look for information NO ONE is there! I would LOVE to see someone there and them not moving.
Merrie: I know right?! They're just so terribly lucky that no one is ever there
Merrie:  Kensi kick him and get back the donut!
Merrie: "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. I don't even know what that means!" Gotta love Deeks and Kensi
Merrie:Is this when Kensi runs over the van?
Merrie:  Yup??
NCISLARewatch: Really? A machine gun isn't just a little excessive?
NCISLARewatch: You look fat in those jeans!
NCISLARewatch: and he's dead
Merrie: Come on Deeks be courageous! LOL
NCISLARewatch: Okay another thing that they NEVER mention how Nate knows Nell.
Merrie: Did he just say "Careful Eric will get jealous?" or am I just hearing things?
NCISLARewatch: He said that.
Merrie: Was he talking about Eric or did he slip and say Eric instead of Marty???
NCISLARewatch: I don't know.
NCISLARewatch:  I think there is going to be a fight.
Merrie: Why do they need audio when Kensi is a lip reader???
NCISLARewatch: worse trying to eavesdrop EVER
Merrie: Well it was Eric staging it...
NCISLARewatch: okay where did they get the blood?
NCISLARewatch:Whoa Nate!
Merrie: Oh Nate you are so not cut out of this, you're supposed to be the good guy!!!
Merrie: Hide there with the dead body that's not really dead... rolling eyes
NCISLARewatch: Deeks in boxers
Merrie: Ahahahahaha! I love how he even leaves Kensi her hat but Deeks is almost naked!
Merrie:OMW! Deeks with no shirt in boxers... now that's a pretty sight
NCISLARewatch: that hotel looks familiar. I think that was the one with the Freaking Psycho.
Merrie: Freaking Psycho???
NCISLARewatch: Last episode season 3
Merrie: Oh... that Freaking Psycho...
NCISLARewatch: okay did he NOT feel that spray on him?
Merrie: No sense, no feeling??
Merrie:I think that was really the worst writing. Really that's how Sam reacts to his friend and for all intents and purposes his little brother is murdered???
NCISLARewatch: Yeah.
NCISLARewatch: I should be pissed at Hetty for letting him go.
Merrie: I wonder where Chris O'Donnell was during this episode???
NCISLARewatch:: I think he was filming A Little Help.