Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Season 3 Episode 2 "Backstopped"

Backstopped (Originally Aired October 4, 2011)

Special Agent Sam Hanna is sent undercover as a bomb specialist as the team races to locate stolen explosives somewhere in the city. Meanwhile, to much protest, Hunter changes the dynamics of the team and has Callen partnered with Kensi and Sam with Deeks. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLAREwatch: episode 3. the last Hunter episode. Written by DAVE!!!!
NCISLAREwatch: show your grand kids? seriously?
NCISLAREwatch:  Hubby: someone going to die?
Merrie: A Dave episode... can't have one of these with out a huge BOOM!
NCISLAREwatch: Yep...BOOM!
NCISLAREwatch:  Hubby well that was a little excessive.
NCISLAREwatch: No. It's DAVE!
NCISLAREwatch: AH! Parking? really deeks?
Merrie: LOL hubby say's "I love how there is always a camera to catch this stuff."
Merrie: Hubby want's to know where her Scottish accent is...
NCISLAREwatch: she's in an ad and I swear I cannot understand a word she says!
Merrie: LOL that's what he was referring to!
NCISLAREwatch: Hostility? Good Lord woman get a grip
Merrie: Oh give her a break, she's fighting with her brother... ;D
NCISLAREwatch: No they didn't die with Alexia!
NCISLAREwatch  Liar. thank god she's....never mind
Merrie: Really?!?
NCISLAREwatch: Oh Callen...you're mean! Don't trust him Deeks!
Merrie: Ahahhahah! Poor Deeks...
NCISLAREwatch: LOL That look from Sam
NCISLAREwatch:  Alpha Male?
NCISLAREwatch: Pack of 2? Really Deeks?
Merrie: Hunter looked like she was going to really enjoy this!!! I know I did!
Merrie: I forgot how much I love this episode!!!
NCISLAREwatch Hubby: Oh no did someone yell federal agent? that doesn't end well
Merrie: I will drop you like third period French! hehehehe
Merrie: LOL! Callen's car sick! Ahahhahaha
NCISLAREwatch: Oh no. Callen...
NCISLAREwatch: Not even close!
NCISLAREwatch: and Sam knows just by looking at him.
NCISLAREwatch: Vampire movie? Really Deeks?
Merrie: Hubby want's to know which one he was pretending to be! LOL
NCISLAREwatch: okay so there is a speaker in the room?
Merrie: I think he responded to quickly before he got to look at he images.
Merrie: He should have taken a little more time to really look at them before he answerd. It would have made t more believable
NCISLAREwatch: Paul Bunyan is SCREWED!
Merrie: Ashley Thomas... Um, yeah right Hunter.
NCISLAREwatch: Rehearse?
Merrie: I wonder just how method Deeks and Kensi get before ops! (insert evil laugh)
NCISLAREwatch  favorite food Kensi?
Merrie: TWINKIES!!!!
NCISLAREwatch: His favorite food is BACON
NCISLAREwatch: If there is a window by the door couldn't they just look in and see that there wasn't any furnature?
Merrie: What's the distress word? Deeks. Good luck using that in a sentence.
Merrie: Good point... but Kensi had to look hot picking the lock
Merrie: Oh Callen is not happy...
NCISLAREwatch: Oh that glare from Callen.
Merrie: That's the difference between bang, and boom! Love that line!!!
Merrie: He reminds me of the bad guy in the movie Ghost... you know Patrick Swayze's best friend...
NCISLAREwatch: yeah.
NCISLAREwatch: Your intel is full of crap
NCISLAREwatch: yes she is!
NCISLAREwatch:  she has funky eyes
Merrie: Love how she's so nasty... Her lips bother me... too much collagen
Merrie: Oh Nell, you need to just keep your mouth shut sweetie
NCISLAREwatch: HA! Nell.
NCISLAREwatch: three partners in one day....I'm feeling all giddy
Merrie: Why don't they every wear vests?
NCISLAREwatch: I don't know.
Merrie: And they NEVER get shot! With all the gun shots going on around them you would think someone would at least get nicked or grazed or something
NCISLAREwatch: um guys RUN!!!!!!
NCISLAREwatch: Never a dull moment. She is such a BITCH!
NCISLAREwatch: yeah she was just born. It's Hunter!
Merrie: LOL, OMG!
Merrie: HETTY!!!! YAY!!! Lange, Henrietta, in case you've forgotten.
NCISLAREwatch: Oh thank GOD she's back!!!!
NCISLAREwatch: Oh Hetty....I think she did.
Merrie: Clara Callen... Dumb name
NCISLAREwatch me: LOL!