Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Job

Season 2 Episode 20 (Originally Aired March 29, 2011

Kensi goes undercover as a thief in the hopes of uncovering the object that a world-class thief intended to steal. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: okay so no one notices what is going on?
NCISLARewatch: really it slipped? Did you touch it? dingbat
Merrie: LOL stupid men!
NCISLARewatch:  Kensi on a shopping spree.
NCISLARewatch:  survival kits? For????
NCISLARewatch:  Deeks really?!?!
Merrie: LOL Kensi on a survival mode kick
NCISLARewatch: Wait I thought you slept on the couch.
Merrie: Soy milk Deeks... Really?!?!
NCISLARewatch:  You gave Eric an AIR HORN?!?!?
NCISLARewatch:Clowns! Drink!
NCISLARewatch:  if you are drinking....I have water.
Merrie: totally drinking tonight!
NCISLARewatch: Bobby shut up! I would pay them to shoot him!
NCISLARewatch: DEEKS! Shut up!
Merrie: Oh Deeks SHUT UP!!!
NCISLARewatch:: Kumani? Who the hell is Kumani?
Merrie: KUMANI!!!
Merrie: LOL Bobby, you really don't have a choice!!! xD
Merrie:  LOL Love the limp
NCISLARewatch: LOL!!!
Merrie: I hate that shot!
NCISLARewatch: safe cam! Drink!
Merrie: Drunk!
NCISLARewatch:safe cam again!
Merrie: Oops, drank!
Merrie:  again
Merrie: Oh we need to add the Kensi hair flip to the list!
NCISLARewatch: That's a good one.
NCISLARewatch:  Hobbit shire! LOL!
Merrie: LOL I just laughed about that too
NCISLARewatch: Eric,Nell don't start.
Merrie: Kensi flirting = jealous Deeks!!!
NCISLARewatch: Oh Deeks just believe them.
Merrie: Ahahahaha! Deeks "She's my partner, I know her voice." G 'She's seducing him." Sam "Maybe you've never heard that voice before."
NCISLARewatch: Bobby please stop whining!
NCISLARewatch: Why did he shoot him? Because the man would not shut up!!!
Merrie: Ooops... she didn't see that one coming... :O
Merrie: Ahahahahaha! I was ready to shoot him too
Merrie: Oh Kensi you are soo not good, and Deeks knows it!
NCISLARewatch: I got the redhead
NCISLARewatch:  of course you do.
NCISLARewatch:  LOL!
NCISLARewatch: Twitter! They mentioned twitter again we need that on the list
Merrie: okay so twitter and the hair flip
NCISLARewatch:  This is America so we call it soccer!
Merrie: Well this is American so we call it soccer! Ahahahahaha!
NCISLARewatch:  Yeah I don't think you're going on Holiday sweetie.
NCISLARewatch: Little mother looks worried
Merrie: She always looks worried though
Merrie: DRINK!!!!
NCISLARewatch:  so does the guy have two laptops?
NCISLARewatch:  You would think that since the place was broken into they would beef up security with more people.
Merrie: One would think...
NCISLARewatch:  and this is why you got the slanket Deeks!
NCISLARewatch:  truffles?
Merrie: I'm fine... good, i'm good...
Merrie:  Awww, did you see that look???
NCISLARewatch: yes.
Merrie: And that one!!!
NCISLARewatch:  Yes.
Merrie: Is that a sombrero in the background?
NCISLARewatch:  me: I'll have to check.
NCISLARewatch Hubby: hoo wee!