Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm out of town this week for family stuff!  Enjoy the NEW Episode (after 2 weeks of re-runs) tonight! 

Also CONGRATS!!! To the Cast and Crew of NCIS: Los Angeles for getting picked up for Season 4!!!

Week 35: Absolution

Sorry this is a week late! I had this ready and time just got away from me.  Kids were on Spring Break.

Swiss antiques and arms dealer millionaire Sebastian Ranner is ambushed in Hollywood and shot. Hetty claimed the case from LAPD because his black book will be the envy of US and foreign secret services. Indeed Germans, French and others will stop at nothing. Ranner's interior decorator and secret gay lover Frederick Harbin is a key target. Hetty concentrates on a man from her own active past. (From IMDB.com)

This one we decided to do the drinking game that I wrote while I was up in IL back in July.  We missed a lot of stuff but I think were also concentrating on commenting on the show.  This one is one of our favorite episodes.

NCISLARewatch okay where in the hell were they driving from if it is now light outside?
Merrie: sometimes I wonder if the director actually pays attention but I do think it was sunrise
NCISLARewatch  Hubby: all that just to get to see the Hollywood sign.
Merrie: Ahahaha! Inspector Gadget!!! I love these two! Neric!!
NCISLARewatch  We had a Mr. Microphone
Merrie: I have no idea what that is!!! sad
Merrie TATS Drink!!
NCISLARewatch Hubby: I always thought Callen would be a super spy not the one eating waffles and pigs-n-blankets
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Or worry about his car seats.
Merrie: love this part!!! Nice leather!!!
Merrie: BAIT!!!!! Yes Kensi you are BAIT!!!
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Kensi is a bad wingman
Merrie: Damn it sunshine again!
Merrie  With my brother!!!
NCISLARewatch : You cheated on me with my brother!
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Sunshine...So this is the same episode where Kensi kicks the guy...(That is where he coined the name "Pulled a Kensi")
Merrie: Sam knows his wines! Oh yeah because his alias was as a somalier!!! LOL with the cork screw pin!!!
NCISLARewatch : Dogs. You're good doggies aren't you yes you are. Guys get out of there!!!
Merrie: Yeah guys I don't think they're gonna put their hands up!!! WOOF
NCISLARewatch Hubby: How did the car get in there? Was the gate open?
Merrie: How are those waffles feeling right about now? You know what's really funny? Your car's still in there.
NCISLARewatch : LOL!
Merrie: Where's Hetty??? That will become a theme in this episode
NCISLARewatch : Yep.
Merrie: "Gartenzwerg" - a garden gnome - love that he calls Hetty that!!!
I don't need a chair!!
NCISLARewatch : Maybe it's time for me to get a chair. it's 3700. I don't need a chair.
Merrie: Hey just found a goof in his episode, we'll have to back and watch when Ranner get's shot. Supposedly the bag get's shot but there are no holes or bood on his shirt
NCISLARewatch : Will have to tell sindee.
NCISLARewatch You don't think that Hetty... LOL Deeks
NCISLARewatch Rule of threes!
Merrie: reading the entrails of sacrficed sheep?!?! UM... yeah...
NCISLARewatch  Translation: You two go question him because he won't tell me anything right now.
NCISLARewatchOh Kensi. you are sassy
Merrie: Hmmm, and Deeks knows antiques?!
Merrie  BARF!
NCISLARewatch : Hubby: You okay in there?
NCISLARewatchDogs don't have shoes.
Merrie: (I'm behind you)
NCISLARewatch : MOUSE!!!
NCISLARewatch  Pretty sure?
NCISLARewatch Who does that?
NCISLARewatch   LMAO!!!!
Merrie: Did you see where his hands were placed before Kensi kicked him???
NCISLARewatch : Nope Will have to check on that..
Merrie: LOL They were folded and covering his crotch
NCISLARewatch : That old chesnut?
NCISLARewatch   No.
NCISLARewatch Kicked him so hard gave me a stomach ache
Merrie: Right in the cul de sac!! LOL
NCISLARewatch : it's not all that. LOL!
NCISLARewatch   Okay get ready.....
Merrie: Hubby says that getting kicked is not as bad as getting grazed... Um, okay if you say so...
NCISLARewatch : BUGGER! Drink
Merrie: Baby fresh scent!!!
NCISLARewatch  Sam still smells like baby powder
Merrie: Waiting on Drink #2
NCISLARewatch : Right Hetty...I'm agreeing with Callen on this one
NCISLARewatch : She's like a Ninja
NCISLARewatch Missing the second act....Hmmm
Merrie: the actual phrase is "There is no honor among thieves..." everyone takes it out of context..
Merrie Yeah I think they had a thing!!!!
NCISLARewatch : me too.
NCISLARewatch I could kiss you right now if I wasn't afraid that you would gouge out my eyes and bite my windpipe.
Merrie: AHahaha! Vampire Hetty!!!
NCISLARewatch : Hubby: Yeah because she tried really hard.
NCISLARewatch   Kids to the rescue.
NCISLARewatch Notice everyone agrees to the drinking because Deeks says he's buying
Merrie: Same thing happens when Kensi offers in S3 Ep1
At least I think that's the episode
NCISLARewatch : Kids to the rescue or the drinking?
Merrie: drinking!!! of course!!!
NCISLARewatch : LOL!
NCISLARewatch Oh crap he's dead.
Merrie: Wait was that Dave in the background??? But he said he doesn't do cameos so probably not... Darn
NCISLARewatch : You know I thought it was him when I watched it earlier.

Will try and post the Rules for the Drinking Game in a couple of weeks.  No Rewatch next week I will be out of town!