Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 3: The Only Easy Day

The Only Easy Day (Originally Aired September 29, 2009)

We start off with a home invasion of a suspected drug dealer which leaves two people dead.  In looking at the video surveillance Sam identifies one of the robbers as Kurt Holgate and we find out that the three home invaders are all former SEALS. David Ramirez, a member of Holgate's team, was killed in a grocery store robbery a couple of days before.  Sam talks to Holgate, who now works for a joint task force over at the Federal Building.  He didn't ask why Sam was there and when Sam mentions that he's with NCIS Holgate makes a bad joke about it and gets out of there quickly. 

Eric discovers that Tim Jackson, another member of Holgate's SEAL team and Ramirez's swim partner, has been missing since the day of the home invasion. Callen and Sam check his trailer they find a picture of Holgate, Ramirez, Jackson and another man who they have not identified yet. 

Dom puts a tracker on Holgate's car while on a stakeout with Kensi. Dom has made some mistakes and thinks that Sam doesn't like him.  Hard being the new kid.  They see Holgate and the team member that they have not been able to identify yet talking and she goes to see what they are talking about.  They start getting suspicious of her so she makes a scene while talking on the phone and keys her "boyfriends" car to make them ignore her.  She then tells Dom to get a hold of Eric to get the name of the owner of the car she just keyed.

Eric calls Callen and tells him that the unidentified man in the picture is Morris Raspen.  When talking to Ramirez's widow, she tells them that David did not know the men who shot him.  He was still in contact with his old SEAL team.  Tim Jackson had visited her after Ramirez died and that Raspen was the newest member of the team. 

Nate talks to Rose (the coroner), who tells him that there was only one drug dealer that was killed.  The other one was a deep undercover LAPD cop.  She didn't get that information until this morning. Sam and Callen go to the restaurant to talk to one of the waitresses about the guys in the photo.  Jackson's motorcycle is still there.  She told them that they got in an argument and they took it outside.  Callen gets a call that a body washed ashore and it matches the description of Tim Jackson.

They look at the video of the three men in the restaurant.  They had the argument and leave but come back, but Holgate and Raspen return without Jackson.  Nate tells them to find Raspen and work on him because he is the newest one of the team.  Sam is having a really hard time dealing with the fact that these former SEALS (even one that he trained) would do this.  Hetty tells him that he is more than this job and much more than a SEAL.  Kensi and Dom are still on a stakeout on Holgate. They follow Holgate but lose him when he leaves the car.

Sam and Callen go after Raspen, and question him at the boat-shed. Raspen (of course) doesn't say anything.  Nate says he's trying not to lie but is still trying to protect all of them.  This makes Sam angry.  Sam leaves to check out the house to find clues.  Dom is basically mad at himself because he lost Holgate.  Hetty tells him stories of Callen and Sam's mistakes.  She then informs him that these stories aren't true but that it boosted his self esteem and so get over it.

Sam finds Detective Grozen the other LAPD undercover at the house.  Grozen is angry and wants justice because his partner was shot by the Seals and died in his arms.  He wants full Navy cooperation. Sam comes back to the boat-shed and tells Callen to show Raspen a picture of Grozen.  Raspen tells Callen that Grozen shot his partner in the back and he's a dirty cop.  Jackson learned that one of the suspects of the shooting at the grocery store lived at that house.  Holgate tried to talk him out of it and tells Callen that he's not talking to anyone else but a JAG lawyer.

Sam talks to Raspen lets him know that he is also a SEAL.  He asks "What's our Motto?"  The answer, "The only Easy Day is Yesterday."  The other motto is "Never leave a man behind."  Raspen left a man behind.  Raspen tells him that they tried to help.  Holgate took the money and they looked for Jackson.  Sam tells him that if he doesn't tell him where Holgate is then Grozen is going to kill him.  Raspen finally tell him that Holgate is in a hotel over in the valley.

Sam goes to Holgate's motel room and gives him to Grozen. Once alone Grozen basically wants to know where the money is.  Holgate tells him that Raspen has it and to look for him at the golf course.  Callen takes Raspen's place. The person that was with Grozen is on a hill with Callen in his sniper sights.  Kensi and Dom  get to him in time. Callen throws his guns in the pond and tells him that the money is in the golf bag.  Holgate is handcuffed.  Grozen goes to leave when they hear gunshots.  Grozen shoots Holgate, but then Sam comes OUT OF THE WATER and shoots Grozen twice.

Sam is still angry but in a way can see why they did it.  Still doesn't approve.


  • "I criticize. I scold. I chastise. I've even torn someone a new one, but I *never* mock. You, Sam Hanna, are more than this job, and much more than than a SEAL."
  • "Oh for the love of Gucci!"


  • Kensi:  Trying being the new girl. They used to make me crawl into the air vents under houses just because I was the smallest one. Yeah, and when was the last time you had to put on a bikini for an assignment? Yeah, that's right. Try hiding a gun in your thong.

Did You Notice?:
  • The shirt that Callen is wearing over at the golf course is a Johnnie-O Shirt.  The owner is John O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell's older brother.

  • As G. and Sam exit Sam's car on the beach front, there is a boom mic reflected in the rear driver's side body pillar and glass. (from IMDB.com)

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