Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 14: Past Lives

Past Lives (Originally aired January 12, 2010)

A person from Callen's past gets shot and killed in the middle of the street.

We start off with the gang trying to think of what to do with "Team night"

Okay I want to hang out with Hetty!

Now before we move on, watch that segment again and WATCH SAM'S MUG!  When he walks over to the desk his mug is BLUE right? Well watch it when he says "Except for when it's Thursday night" it's RED!  OOPS!!!

Hetty tells Callen that one of his aliases, Jason Tedrow, got an email that morning.  Tedrow was one of his aliases when Sam was in Afganistan almost five years ago.  Joey Gale was one of the men arrested who stole money, along with Montrell Perez and Jon Donnally.

The email that he sent to "Jason Tedrow":

Don't know if you're still checking this email address but I'm pretty sure you are out of Charleston.  I found the spare change that we came across back in the day.  An e-mail leads to a Citizens Bank account in LA.  Don't know whose it is but I'm thinking realy hard about paying him a visit.
Psycho Perez is still locked up and I'm not sure Donnelly ever had the stones for this caper to begin with.  Catch a plane out to LA?

Callen has now gone "Lone wolf" and this makes Hetty and Sam worried. 

He goes to see Kristen, Jon Donnelly's sister, who he was seeing at the the time.

Okay did that kid just say Mom?

She basically gives him the "You expect me to wait for you when you disappear/I can take care of myself" speech, which is understandable. She tells him she has no idea where her brother is. Then her fiance, Tommy Boyd, walks in.  Kristen met him shortly after "Jason" had vanished.  She tells him that she heard that her brother was getting odd jobs over at the supply depot.  She tells him not to come back, that she has moved on.

Sam is there and gives him hell about getting Donnally's sister involved in the case.  Asks who the kid's father is.  Callen doesn't know.

Kensi  goes to the jail to meets Montrell Perez's JAG lawyer, named Neil Corby.  Parez is happy that the guy is dead and hopes that Donnally gets the same thing done to him (real nice guy).  When Kensi gets back to ops she finds flowers on her desk.  Eric tells her that they are from a JAG lawyer. Kensi hates flowers (I do too! Give me chocolate) but keeps them.

Callen and Sam go over to talk to John Donnally...

Why didn't he try to shoot Jason Tedrow?  I mean he was right there and could have been done with it.

Sam and Kensi look at the footage of the shooting.  Tedrow didn't join until towards the end.  Dom tells Callen that Kristen's boyfriend has a record when he was a minor and the courts had it sealed.  Callen thinks that maybe Boyd is a part of this.

Sam talks to Nate who is thinking of having "team night" be a Ping Pong tournament (Ping Pong?  Really? I would rather risk it with the mechanical bull and tequila!) Sam is worried about Callen. Nate tells Sam that if it involves NCIS he has to speak up, other than that he has to keep quiet.  He does tell Sam that out of everyone Callen trusts him the most.

Kensi talks to Corby.  He asked what branch of NCIS she was with.  She quickly changes the subject by telling him that Donnally was killed and that they think that Parez was a part of it.  He tells her that Parez would talk to her anytime, but they just have it go through his office.

Callen goes and talks to Boyd, who now knows that Callen is some sort of cop.  He tells him that she would leave him if she found out.  Callen wants him to make him believe that he was not the one who shot her brother.  He's hiding something.  He tells Callen that he would never walk out on Kristen or the boy.

Sam gives Callen hell (again) about him going to Boyd and questioning him.  Callen is very confused and feels guilty about how he left everything.  It also doesn't help that he may be the father of the kid.  Sam tells him that the best thing that Callen can do is to find out who killed her brother.

Kensi goes to talk to Parez (without Corby knowing) and tells him that Donnelly is dead.  He basically does a dance of joy.  Tells Kensi (off the record) that he has some of the money but doesn't know where it is.  He got a call the night before the trial telling him that he was going down unless he did his time and was good. She puts the bug on him before she leaves. Corby was there, Kensi lies and tells him that someone screwed up at the office.  He starts to leave, then collapses and dies.

He was poisoned by sodium cyanide, which can take hours to take affect.  They also found out that the lawyer who defended Tommy Boyd when he was a teenager was Neil Corby, who was a public defender at the time. 

Callen and Sam go talk to Tommy.  He tells them that Corby called him for a favor, to get close to Kristen and see where the money was.  When she told him that she was pregnant he figured it was meant to be.  He cares a lot about her and the boy.

Kensi meets Corby at the train station.  Kensi tells him that the case had met a dead end.  Corby mentions Jason Tedrow and maybe he would know something.  He tells her that he had been trying to see Jason Tedrow in prison, but every time he would go there he was not able to see him.  Then he tells her about this....

Then Tommy comes up with a gun and tells him that he is not to hurt Kristen.  Boyd gets shot, Kensi kicks ass (as usual).

Callen goes and talks to Kristen.  Boyd was going to be fine and out of the hospital soon.  She tells him that Michael is not his son, but she wanted him to wonder to get back at him for hurting her. 

Callen goes back to the office and the gang has been there waiting for him for "Team Night" Dom made reservations and Hetty picked... Karaoke!  As they are leaving, they wonder where is Dom has disappeared to? 

Did you know?

The boy who played Michael is Chris O'Donnell's youngest son Charlie.  He also plays young Callen in Season 2 (Toy Soliers and Familia).