Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 16: LD-50

LD-50 (Originally aired February 2, 2010 )

Summary from imdb.com
A crime scene poses a national security risk when the LA team discovers the location was used to create a deadly toxin which is now missing. Written by CBS Publicity

Written by:  Shane Brennan, Speed Week, and R. Scott Gemmill

Directed by Jonathan Frakes (the guy from Star Trek Next Generation)

NCISLARewatch:  ATF has a video crew with them as they go after suspected gun runners.  When they go in they found everyone was dead.

NCISLARewatch:  Hetty gets on to Sam about finding someone to help out the team while Dom is missing.   Sam doesn’t want a ‘temp’ because Dom is missing not dead.  Out of everyone he is taking this the hardest.

NCISLARewatch: Sam Hetty is right you do need to have the last word when you get annoyed.  

NCISLARewatch: Dead birds birds at the scene.  Don’t think this was about guns.

NCISLARewatch: Kensi must eat a lot of those breakfast burritos for Callen to know what she is eating

Merrily17:  I know right! But Kensi is a junk food addict

Merrily17: So the HWOBH should be classified as lethal weapons!

Merrily17: Thank you Steve... It’s Sam Ma’am.

NCISLARewatch:  Evil Martha Stewart! LOL!

NCISLARewatch:  Great...Dallas (From the “Breach” episode) is back.  

Merrily17:  I once knew an albino named Dallas! Oh and Dallas is Sallad spelled backwards! LOL ; )) just a little anecdote!

NCISLARewatch:  “you are an asset when you are not being a pain in the asset.”

NCISLARewatch: “For the record I walked away from this conversation thirty seconds ago”

NCISLARewatch: I’m just thankful that we didn’t see him ‘butt naked’

Merrily17: “if she puts on her rubber glove run!”

NCISLARewatch:  I love Hetty/Callen scenes!
“Sam doesn’t play well with others and he doesn’t share his toys.”  Callen
“Sam sees the glass as half full. I see it as half empty. That's why we make a great team. Kensi, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle. Nate wonders why it has to be glass. And Eric usually breaks the glass by putting his feet up on the table. “  Callen
That is them exactly!!!  PERFECT!!!!

“Big guy doesn’t like to be nudged.....I’ll be gentle”

NCISLARewatch: Nate REALLY doesn’t want them to do this.

NCISLARewatch: “Which half?” LOL!

NCISLARewatch: Sam asks too many questions and makes the Dutchman very suspicious of him.

Merrily17: The Dutchman has really big ears!!! I wonder if he can get satellite feed???

NCISLARewatch: And Kensi kicks ass...

NCISLARewatch:  Callen get the vial!!!

Merrily17:  OH SHIT!!!!

NCISLARewatch:  Crap! Callen is cut and the bottle is cracked!

NCISLARewatch:  Whoa where did Sam come from.

Merrily17: “You know I hate needles!”

NCISLARewatch:  LOL!!! Sam saves Callen...again.  ;)

BOTH: $72,000 for FISH?!?!

NCISLARewatch:  “I know the difference between coy, carp and crap.”  Hetty  
I would have them tested too it I was being charged $72,000.00!  My question is did the Fish do a song and dance show for the shoppers because for something to be in MALL they should! *cheap girl getting off soapbox*  I love the look on horror Hetty’s face when Callen mentions that the tea used in nursing homes uses tea bags.

NCISLARewatch:  Hetty if he’s going to smother you with a pillow does is REALLY matter what type of pillow it is?

Merrily17: AHHH, Hetty’s biggest fear!  And she is allergic to feathers!!! Cause it  matters when you’re dead!!

Merrily17:  It’s so good of Sam to take care of Ester.

Merrily17:  Thank you Steve... It’s Sam Ma’am.


Merrily17:  Inara does that whooo wee really well!!! It’s so funny!

NCISLARewatch:  When Hubby heard that the first time he looked at me and said “What the hell was that?!”  I told him it was the “Whooo-Wee” sign