Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Season 3 Episode 9 "Betrayal"

  • WARNING: It was very difficult to edit this blog post. Merrie and I thought the episode was okay but we had a big problem with Jada....and her crying. 
  • After Sam's undercover mission in Sudan turns deadly, Callen and the NCIS team must track down their missing agent before it is too late.
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NCISLARewatch: ready.....and.....go!

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles…..

Merrie: WOW that was LOUD! xD

NCISLARewatch: ah the radioactive brick! Hubby still hates that.

NCISLARewatch: And EVERYONE freaked out because they thought Sam was going to die.
Merrie: LOL, I was worried to be honest
NCISLARewatch: I was a little but not much ;)
Merrie: Ugh... All of the Sam episodes were crappy until we finally met Michelle

G. Callen: And there's a third body. Nell, please read the C.I.A. report - verbatim.
Nell Jones: "At approximately 1730 the remains of a black male approximately 40 years of age were found in a field 20 kilometers outside of Khartoum. The body was badly burned preventing immediate identification."
Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange: The body is a match for Sam - in height and weight.

NCISLARewatch: I know but Callen just having that look before he pulled the sheet gets me every time
Merrie: Um... what the hell was left to look at???

NCISLARewatch: Jada...ugh.

Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange: That's Kaled's sister. Her name is Jade. She's been Agent Hanna's primary target to gather information. He has - uh, shall we say, cultivated a great trust with her over the past year.

Merrie: Jesus Christ! He's been made AGAIN!!!!
NCISLARewatch: and that was the first time!

G. Callen: Why were you running?

NCISLARewatch: Because I knew if you yelled "Federal Agent" I would be shot!
NCISLARewatch: Good Lord

Merrie: LOL

Alex Elmslie: Kaleed's begun hiring American security. I thought that's what you could be.
G. Callen: How do you know I'm not?
Alex Elmslie: I'm still breathing.

NCISLARewatch: But he was safe because he didn't tell him NOT to run.

G Callen: I got eyes on Sam!
Hetty: Thank you Mr. Callen

NCISLARewatch: How did Sam get up in the room so quickly?

Jada: After all these months of secret emails, our hands touching.

NCISLARewatch: Crap the hand thing starts.
Merrie: Ugh, she's beautiful but such a doormat
NCISLARewatch: Yep.

Kensi finds out who the Operations Manager for the assignment that Sam was assigned to is Colon Rand whose cover is an African import business in LA that allows him to travel. Deeks finds out that Rand was arrested for drugs.

Kensi Blye: And if we think it's him, we just let the C.I.A. do its own inquiry?
Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange: We'll make those decisions at the appropriate time... But make no mistake Agent Blye, we'll protect our agents at all costs.

Callen and Elmsley argue about Kallad and G sees that Sam might have gotten made

Jada thinks that they suspect something and she starts to cry...again.

NCISLARewatch: and the tears....GAH
Merrie: GRRRRR.... just put your big girl panties on woman!!!

NCISLARewatch: How does Callen know what room they are in?

Callen tells Sam he's about to get made

And he does....

 They chase him and he gets killed

but someone sees....

Callen runs after the boy telling him that it's okay...but loses him in the crowd

NCISLARewatch: yeah....that is not good.

NCISLARewatch: Elmsley please stop bitching they are going
Merrie: Oh God Sam just go home!!!

Sam knows that if they knew about Sam being an agent he would be dead. Sam asks Elmsly to help him maintain his cover

Kensi and Deeks go and visit Rand

Kensi Blye: [to Rand's assistant] Open the door... Open the door
[Kensi starts drawing her weapon]

Merrie: Angry Kensi... oh you better open that door!!!

Kensi Blye: before I blow it open!

Colin Rand: [On the intercom] It's okay. Let them in.

Deeks: See this? I love these things, these masks see that I think they're so interesting because we all wear them at some point. Don't you think?

The only one who knew about the Agents is Rand's boss....

Colin Rand: You don't get it do you? Vernon is the only agent besides me who had access to the names of the men on my task force. Ever try investigating you boss? 

Sam goes to Khaled and tells him that he saw Kadeen talking to Elmsley. 

He finds out that Kalead is destroying all the evidence that ties him to Al-Qaeda

NCISLARewatch: yeah sam you're screwed.

Jada shows Sam where the bodies are buried.....

Sam is asked to step out of the car to be questioned and sees Elmsly and G.

Sam Hanna: It'll take years before another agent's in the position I'm in here.
G. Callen: Which makes no difference if you're dead!

NCISLARewatch: Sam listen to Callen and get the hell out of there.
Merrie: Yup! That's what I said!!!

Sam tells them that he can get evidence of the mass murders Kalead has done.....

G asks about Jada, Sam tells him that he is going to bring her to the US.

G doesn't look too happy about this decision

NCISLARewatch: You're going to take Jada to the US? You need this?!? Come on Sam!
Merrie: Why does he need this??? You've got a wife and kids in the States

Meamwhile back in LA Kensi, Deeks, Nell and Eric look into Rand's boss

Eric hacks into Rand's computer and finds out that the secure emails that he erased were to Kalead.

Kalead asks Jada what is wrong and she tells him the truth. He doesn't like what she has to say and makes her cry....again.

NCISLARewatch: and the crying.
Merrie: AGAIN!!!!

 NCISLARewatchHubby: "There there. it will be okay. let me sing you a rap song to sooth your ills."

Merrie: Ahahahahahahaha! Literally LOL
NCISLARewatch: Jada, you're pretty, please GROW A BACKBONE!
Merrie: NO! Jada, just stop being such a whiney bitch and making Sam question his loyalties

Jada tells Sam where the videos are

Kensi and Deeks go find Rand...and he's dead.

NCISLARewatch: Well it's not that guy.

Eric sees that someone is using Rand's computer to send Sam's information.


Kensi and Deeks are told to go to Rand's office

Sam gets the information

NCISLARewatch: okay Sam get it and go.

The assistant was the one who is the mole!

and now she's dead.

NCISLARewatch: So if anyone says "don't run" and "don't move" will get you killed.

Merrie: (rolling eyes) Really???

Remember the kid who saw what happened to Kadeen?

NCISLARewatch: Jada now would be the time to say something.

Callen: How much do you love him?

NCISLARewatch: How much do you love him? LOVE that!
Merrie: I totally want to strangle that woman!!! Grrrrrrr
NCISLARewatch: I think Callen would have.
Merrie: just snap her neck and be done with it... she is useless
NCISLARewatch: I know!

Soldier: three questions
NCISLARewatchHubby: What is the Capital of North Dakota? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? What is your favorite cheese.
Merrie: ahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

Jada saves Sam

Gun fight

 Not leaving without Sam

Safe in the US.

Jada is told the truth

NCISLARewatch: And the hand thing...
NCISLARewatch: and the crying...

Sam comes home (first time seeing his house).

Merrie: That is Joey's wife...

NCISLARewatch: And everyone has a COW because Sam is married!
Merrie: We knew he was married! We knew he had kids!
 (rolling eyes)