Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Last week was a very tough week for us with Hurricane Sandy.  My partner-in-crime Merrie lives in New Jersey and I have family who live on Long Island,NY.  Everyone is okay and the only 'damage' was Merrie's next door neighbors oak tree falling into her back yard and had no electricity until Saturday afternoon.
Other people in the NY/NJ are not that lucky. So I ask to please donate to the Red Cross
Or Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate to Disaster Relief efforts.

 Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

Rocket Man Season 2, Episode 21 (Originally aired April 12, 2011) 

After a rocket engine expert is killed, NCIS tech operator Eric Beale goes undercover for the first time to ensure that the classified technology used to build satellites is safe. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: Yeah you're going to be shaked and baked.
Merrie: prepare to be FRELTED!!!
Merrie: you know i was watching something the other day and someone say that something was frozen then melted and I yelled out "It was frelted!!!"
NCISLARewatch: Sam's tattoos!
Merrie: are the covering up the apple on G' computer?
NCISLARewatch: big dogs....no baggies! EEEWWWWW!!!
Merrie: Truth re-imagined for the higher good... you keep telling yourself that Deeks
Merrie: WooHoo!!! Frelted!!!
NCISLARewatch: You know it sounds like Nell already knew that Eric was going to go.
Merrie: Well she is like Hetty 2 so I wouldn't doubt it
NCISLARewatch: Okay so they guy knew him and they didn't ask any questions?
Merrie: Yeah that was a little weird
NCISLARewatch: Mated?
NCISLARewatch: Eric looks like he's going to throw up.
Merrie: LOL I bet he did before he got there! ;)
NCISLARewatch: Can I bring my chair? Oh Eric...
Merrie: Awwww, I love Eric... 'I don't have to bring a gun do I?"
NCISLARewatch: Eric we don't need to know about your bladder!
Merrie: Shy bladder... TMI Eric, TMI
NCISLARewatch: now scurry away you little rat!
NCISLARewatch: Okay if someone was killed with in the chamber wouldn't you think to PROP THE DOOR open?
Merrie: or take it off line???
NCISLARewatch: frelted!!!!
Merrie: She said frelted didn't she... LOL
NCISLARewatch: What doesn't kill you make you stronger?
NCISLARewatch: We're talking about Eric.
Merrie: You get her Sam! LOL ;)
Merrie: The wrong stuff... That is the worst line ever!!!
Merrie: Just sayin'... DRINK! and if that's not on the game list it should be!!!
NCISLARewatch: It is!
Merrie: And BOOM! Well that' sucks!
NCISLARewatch: Okay so Sam and Callen took a helicopter back to the office only to go back to the site. Why not stay there?
Merrie: They needed some alone time???
Merrie: Fried... Frelted... hehehe
NCISLARewatch: Eric you were out for how long?
Merrie: Just sayin'... DRINK... don't mind if i do!!!
NCISLARewatch: Oh grumpy man from the beginning of the show is on. FINALLY QUESTIONING HIM!
Merrie: Wow if they had used their detecting skills from the very beginning this would have been a very short episode!
NCISLARewatch: How did he know that Callen would be after him?
NCISLARewatch: I've been really nit-picky tonight.
Merrie: LOL me too. This episode had a lot of holes in it
NCISLARewatch: Really Deeks?
Merrie: Really Deeks?
Merrie:   Ahahahahah!
NCISLARewatch: oops?
Merrie: hehehehe! I love Sam!
NCISLARewatch Hubby:  hoo wee!