Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Season 3 Episode 10 "The Debt"

  • A botched assignment forces Hetty to fire Deeks and send him back to the LAPD. Meanwhile, an awkward goodbye between Kensi and Deeks leaves her with unexpected emotions for her old partner.
    Written by CBS Publicity   (From IMDB.com)

FISK: Say my name in public again... and I'll kill you.

NCISLARewatch: Name in public? Really?

Merrie: Oh it's this episode!!!

SAM: I've got to say, Fisk does have swagger.
NCISLARewatch and Merrie: SWAGGER!!!!!

CALLEN: Swagger?
SAM: Panache, chutzpah, flair. The undefinable "it." Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Kind of style that can't be taught, G. Game recognizes game.
CALLEN: Float after me, butterfly.
SAM: And haters gonna hate.
KENSI: Our position is completely wrong.
DEEKS: And yet it's so right.

Merrie: Hashtag I think I'm in love L O V E
NCISLARewatch: #mypartenersaloser

Merrie: I wanna know if they have that much money why can't they by shirts... Do they have to wear undershirts in public???

DEEKS: Callen, Sam, one of the Aryan lookouts just assaulted a civilian.
CALLEN: How bad?
DEEKS: [over radio] Bad with potential of getting a lot worse.
CALLEN: All right, hold your position.
NCISLARewatch: Hold your position? WTH Callen!

DEEKS: Okay, it just got worse.

 KENSI: Where's his gun?
Deeks has a cell phone in the hand…
KENSI: Deeks, where's his gun?
OFFICER: Guys, over there.

DEEKS: He didn't have one.


KENSI: Hey! Holding up?

DEEKS: Well, I shot my dad when I was 11, shot a lot more guys as a cop... And all of them deserved it, life or death situations, until today.
KENSI: That guy was a neo-Nazi murderer wanted by the FBI since '04.
DEEKS: Yeah, well, LAPD gave me a badge 'cause I know when not to pull the trigger... and if I've lost that edge, man, I'm just another thug with a gun.
KENSI: I would have done the same thing.
DEEKS: Right.
KENSI: I'm here for you, okay?

Meanwhile Sam and Callen are at their desks

Merrie: I always felt they were pushing this too much, the whole Deeks thing

Merrie: Moral Support??? Really Callen???
NCISLARewatch: I know that is SO not like him.

Hetty talks to Deeks' supervisor Lieutenant Bates at LAPD

Lieutenant Bates: My unit's tight-knit. Deeks had skills, but he was never one of the guys. Gave it time, but he never fit in, so when you came looking for him, I was naive enough to think that he could find a place to call home.

Lieutenant Bates: Now he shoots first and asks questions later. What'd you do to him?
HETTY: In my opinion, Mr. Deeks saw a threat and acted accordingly.
NCISLARewatch: HA! Shoots first and asks questions later! Hubby says that all the time.

Back at the office we find out who are the players in this case

 NELL: Lieutenant Bates heads the task force that's been going after Fisk. Bates is a pro, regarded as the best interrogator in the LAPD, but somehow Fisk manages to stay one step ahead.

ERIC: I got a hit on one of Clarence Fisk's phone lines. He just called his attorney. Her name is Monica Lee. Now, she's represented Fisk in court 14 times and has never lost a case.

NELL: Well, Angela Tully might be a good place to start. She's been handling the Fisk case for the district attorney's office.

HETTY: The LAPD has cut its ties with NCIS. Liaison duties are discontinued, effective immediately. I'm sorry.

Merrie: WTF!!!! NCIS cut its ties with LAPD????
Merrie:Sad Kensi... :(

DEEKS: I don't know. I mean, I think that it just takes maybe more time for me to process it. Okay, well, then I will, uh, I'll call you.
KENSI: You'll call me?
DEEKS: Yes, I will call you and we will figure it out.
KENSI: Figure it out.
DEEKS: Exactly. We always do.

NCISLARewatch: Figure what out. GOD this is awkward!

Callen and Sam are going undercover to talk to Fisk's lawyer

NCISLARewatch: Haters gonna hate
NCISLARewatch: Mr CARL!!!

Sam Burton and Mr. Carl visit Fisk's lawyer

They find out that she knows that the task force no longer exists

Deeks goes and to see Bates

NCISLARewatch: Get a haircut?
Merrie: Deeks will never get a hair cut

Kensi talks to Hetty and gets a call from Bates wanting to meet

and Deeks looks into getting a haircut....

NCISLARewatch: Deeks get away from the barbershop NOW!

Deeks notices that someone is watching him...

Quinn from the Police Academy now working for Internal Affairs...

Quinn tells Deeks that there is a mole in LAPD and it's Bates

Callen and Sam follow Fisk's lawyer

She meets with someone....

Eric and Nell find out that Fisk paid for her education

He hands off an LAPD file....

Kensi meets with Bates at the Boatshed...

Merrie: When is something going to blow up????

Quinn tells Deeks that he needs the information on Bates' personal computer about Fisk

NCISLARewatch: never say "what could possibly go wrong?"
Merrie: Deeks of all people should know that!!!

Kensi goes to talk to Angela Tully

NCISLARewatch: kensi: Housekeeping.
Merrie: Aside from the LAPD connection what does this have to do with the Navy or the Marines
NCISLARewatch: Nothing.
NCISLARewatch: But we get Mr Carl
Merrie: Oh... so this is where it starts...
Merrie: Well, yes Mr. Carl is a very nice part... besides... 'He likes to party!" ;p

Merrie: Out the window Deeks!!! Go, go go

NCISLARewatch: REALLY!?!? Open window?

NCISLARewatch: and he calls. LOL!
NCISLARewatch: and no one is in the next room?

Merrie: Who opens the window with no screen that high up in a building???
NCISLARewatch: uh-oh.....

Kensi talks to Nell

Kensi: Hey, Nell, whatever happened to that file I asked you for? The one on the Aryan Lowrider that Deeks 
shot at the park?
NELL: Oh, right. Uh, I'm sorry. I guess I forgot.
KENSI: You never forget anything, Nell.
NELL: Mmm, yeah. I told 'em this wouldn't work.

Merrie: She is royally pissed!!!
Merrie: Please tell me you didn't water board Nell...
Merrie:Funny guy G... funny guy...

Deeks meets Hetty at the Boatshed

NCISLARewatch: Your partner is pissed at you Mr. Deeks.

Deeks and Bates meet up to get Fisk
Merrie: Anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you're homicidally angry???
NCISLARewatch: "I have plans...every night for the rest of my life!"
Merrie: Loved his cheeky smile when she said that.
Merrie:Quinn??? They must like that name...
NCISLARewatch: Gotta love Tuesdays!

Merrie: Gotta love Tuesdays!
NCISLARewatch: again why are Sam and callen NOT in any sort of gear?

Merrie: They never are... don't you know the Bad Guys can't aim??? ;D
Merrie:Ahhhhhh, yes
NCISLARewatch: and there's your BOOM!

Merrie: There's my BOOM!!! Dave never fails to please!!!
NCISLARewatch: So he's setting up Bates was all over a woman?
Merrie: Yep!
Merrie:Little ninja lady!!! Ahahahahaha!

Merrie:Oh don't worry Hetty... She'll be cashing that in sooner than you think

NCISLARewatch: swagger!

NCISLARewatch: Oh Deeks really? SHUT UP!

NCISLARewatch: Game is looking
Merrie: Hater's gonna hate! LOL

NCISLARewatchHubby: HOO WEE!