Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 29: Boarderline

The NCIS team jumps into action when video surveillance footage shows an ambush on a humvee transporting Marines in the desert. Meanwhile, Nate returns from his mystery assignment. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: Never bring someones Mom to the conversation.
Merrie: LOL
NCISLARewatch: Crap they're in California!
Merrie: Ahahaha! Deeks!!!!
NCISLARewatch: The fridge? Really?!?
Merrie: our first view of Deeks as a homeless man! he just took it to the next level last week in Season 3!!!
Merrie: oh no Nate with a gun!!! Scary!!
NCISLARewatch Why does Nate have a gun?
Merrie: Did Sam just say h has a phallic obsession??? LMFAO!
Merrie: WTF! The hygene award??? Really?!?
NCISLARewatch: A sparkly clean one.
Merrie: OH no! Deeks keep your mouth shut!!!
NCISLARewatch: Really Deeks Really!?!?!
Merrie: Oh Deeks you really need to... SHUT UP!!! LMAO!
NCISLARewatch: Deeks SHUT UP!!! Bald head thing?!?
NCISLARewatchso does ringworm.
Merrie: Oh Deeks you are really not endearing yourself to Sam
Merrie: Ready to go for little ride? On the bikes, on the bikes. I didn't say anything!!
Merrie:Ahahaha! the Peoples Republic of None of Your Damn business!
NCISLARewatch: It's dangerous.
NCISLARewatch:Stop whining Deeks. Six years ago? Are you sure?
NCISLARewatch:Jaws of life? For a SNAKE?!?
NCISLARewatchReally guys basically not believing him and thinking he's the one?
Merrie: JJ in the tar pits!!!
Merrie: DON’T RUN
NCISLARewatch: He has a point when I was a kid everything was about quicksand.
NCISLARewatch: Why do they run?
Merrie: They always run. I think if they said "RUN, RUN NOW!!!' they might not!
Merrie:  AHAHAH! I will run you over with my car!!!
NCISLARewatch: they run because they know they're going to be shot!
NCISLARewatch: Nate that's a decision that she is probably secretly happy about because then you won't be digging around Callen's past.
NCISLARewatch: I wonder if that was when Sam was shot and Hetty got the bullet out.
Merrie: What's the safe word? Headlock. Really? How do you use Headlock in a sentence? I wasn't planning on using it! LOL
Merrie:Yeah, EXTRA COOL!!!
NCISLARewatch: "Um here he comes I'll call you right back."
Merrie:Hubby says pretty good he took out four guys. My answer... He's Sam!
NCISLARewatch: Malibu Ken. LOL!
Merrie: Hubby: are these two just going to drive around dirt biking all day? Aren't they going to do something??? Me: They're looking cute! That's something!
NCISLARewatch: Melinda in accounting red head with freckles.
NCISLARewatch:Donald Wexling...AKA Cameron Fry from Ferris Buller.
Merrie: AHAHAHAHA! Hubby said he would use Ferris Buller as a safe word and I totally didn't get it unitl I just remembered hat Cameron is in this episode! LOLOLOLOLOL SO BLONDE!!!!
Merrie: I want to know how, if Deeks is such a 'City Boy', does he know how to drive a dirt bike??? You can't just jump on one of them and go... I'd bust my ass if I tried! ;)
NCISLARewatch: I know me too!
NCISLARewatch: This thing will be done in 10 minutes!
Merrie: They have a grenade launcher? That's so much worse then the endin of Sundance!
Merrie: I'm sorry my dad didn't spend the weekends teaching me to be Jason Bourne! Aahaha
NCISLARewatch: LOL!!! He can't hot wire a car?!?!?!
NCISLARewatch: and things go BOOM!
Merrie: Do we know who wrote this episode???
NCISLARewatch: I'll have to check...
Merrie: I didn't pay attention before the show started.
Merrie: You know he does have a point. Cameron I mean
NCISLARewatch: I know.
NCISLARewatch: Looks like Shane and R. Scott Grimmill wrote this episode
NCISLARewatch: Stop it Nate you're going to make Hetty cry.
Merrie: Urick? LOL it sounded cool at the time.
Merrie: Oh no Nate don't go!!!
NCISLARewatch: Bye Nate.