Friday, August 30, 2013


As many of you know on twitter my Grandma has not had the best year. September 2012 she fell and broke her hip.

Then started the roller coaster of health problems. Every couple of months she would be back in the hospital for something. At the beginning of this year we were told that she would have 1-6 months, to make plans, to see her one last time.

Like the great Hetty Lange, she proved them wrong....until now.

Wednesday I got a call telling me that she was going down hill. Thursday morning they told me it could be anytime. This morning she was still there, breathing 3-4 times a minute, comfortable and not in pain

My cousin who lives in the area got back from vacation and went to see her. I got a text telling me that she was still the same and didn't look like she was in any pain.

Ten minutes after she left, Grandma closed her eyes, and was gone.

For something that we knew was going to happen we're all still a little stunned.

Due to the holiday on Monday the service will be next Saturday. My brother and both have to travel up there and my Grandma has a brother who lives in Florida.

I want to thank everyone the past year who has sent vibes, thoughts and prayers.

I would also like to thank my Partner-In-Crime Merrie who has been checking in on me and asking the question "Is that a frog?" and making me laugh at times when I needed it.