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Week 6: Killshot

Killshot  (Originally Aired October 20, 2009)

This weeks episode has Director Vance and Abby from NCIS in it.

Bathing suit clad beach lovers are video recording the fun when an out of control jet ski spoils the day.  The man slumped over the jet ski crashes and is flung up onto the beach .  Some good Samaritans rush to his aide, turn him over to do CPR, open his life vest, and discover that he has been shot in the chest.

Callen is still looking for a place to live and Sam suggests that he could live on a boat.  Nate’s office is being worked on so he’s hanging out reading a graphic novel.  Dom is trying to video Nate without him knowing (but he does).  Dom is now a fully qualified NCIS agent and is told that there are still some things that he needs to learn on the job.  Dom asks what happened to the person before him and they tell him that they had a problem with the weather.  Sam suggests Nate ask Hetty when his office will be done, and Nate’s reply is “you’re armed, you ask her.”

They get called up to the ops room.  Hetty tells them about Daniel Su, owner of SuSal, who got a contract from DARPA two weeks ago.  He is an electronic engineer who left North Korea five years ago. Secnav wants to know who killed him and why.  They are afraid that it could be the North Koreans.  

The team gets to work looking into the life of Daniel Su.  Daniel was working on a lightweight squad-based communication system for the Marine Corps. More importantly, he kept a regular schedule.  Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday morning he rented a jet ski and the person who killed him knew it.  

Hetty asks Nate how Dom is doing.  Nate tells her that Dom is anxious to prove himself.  They both agree that it would be best if Dom not know that the three people before him did not make the cut.  Sam and Callen go to Daniel’s house.  Front door is unlocked, back is not, and blood everywhere. They find the body of a dead woman in the house.

Sally Morris is the money person for Daniel Su’s company.  The autopsy report says that Daniel was shot by a person who was shooting from above.  Sam and Callen go to the scene and ask Eric to pull up the camera footage at the marina (while also talking about Callen living in an RV park or on a boat). When they get back, they look at the footage and see a man with a hat who leaves within three minutes of the shooting.  They see that the person getting into the car is not a man but a woman. Director Vance walks in and tells them that the woman’s name is Lee Wuan Kai... adding that they are in a whole pile of trouble.

Kai is North Korean and flew into LA on a fake passport a week ago.  She is an assassin in exile based in Eastern Europe.  He tells them that she is not to be underestimated.  Callen and Sam are both wondering if Kai and Vance have met before and if this case is personal.

Vance talks to Hetty who already knows that it is Kai.  Vance met her in Prague in 1984, Tokyo seven years later, then Sierra Leone, Paris, and New York City.  Left a body count each time.  He should have been killed in Prague but he got lucky.  Crime scene analysis won’t be ready until the next day so Vance calls up Abby to see what she can find.

Sam and Callen met Frank Davis from DARPA over at the boathouse.  Davis seems a little jumpy and doesn’t want to be recorded.  Says that Daniel was very secretive and there were certain things that he didn’t want anyone to know, but under the terms of the DARPA contract that was going to change. As far as he was concerned Daniel’s technology died with him.  There is something about him that Callen does not trust.  

Callen and Sam go to see Daniel’s brother Jimmy. When they pull up to the apartment complex they see Jimmy and his wife leaving.  As Callen and Sam approach they see the reflection from Kai’s gun scope.  They get everyone into cover behind a van.

Kai escapes and even took the shell casings with her.  Jimmy told them that Daniel didn’t talk about his work and he would not relocate or change his name.  Eric calls Callen and tells him to meet Director Vance at the hotel where Kai is staying at. Kensi and Nate stay at the boathouse.  Kensi says that Jimmy and his wife are playing “married couple,” which meaning fighting.  Kensi can read lips and tells Nate that Jimmy knows more about what his brother did than he is telling them.  

Vance is in Kai’s room and sees pictures of Daniel.  The phone rings in the room and Kai is on the phone when Vance answers.  Vance calls Callen on his cell phone and Eric traces it to the seventh floor.  When Sam and Callen get to the seventh floor, they find Kai’s phone on the floor.  She called Vance to tell them that she was not the one who killed Sally Morris.

Dom checked on Daniel’s security system at the house, and accessed the motion detector records.  From the records they deduce that Sally Morris knew the person who killed her.  They look at the phone records from the past 24 hours.  There are a lot of calls between Daniel, his brother, and Frank Davis (the DARPA guy).  But his brother and Frank had been talking frequently also.  They need someone who has not met Jimmy to confront him about Daniel's business and if he killed Sally.  

Dom is posing as an officer that was on the scene at the house.  He is VERY nervous  Callen assures him that he will be fine.  Dom meets with Jimmy and tells him that he was the first officer on the scene and before she died Sally said a name and it was his.  Eric put an alert on Jimmy’s phone so they would know if someone was trying to trace his location.  The alert went off with a strong signal strength.  Vance tells them to abort the mission. Kai shoots at Jimmy and Dom gets Jimmy out of range.  Kai is at a parking garage and Sam goes after her.  Kai gets in the car and tries to escape while Sam shoots at the car several times.  Her car comes out of the garage and hits a truck going in. Callen and Sam find the car empty, but with the seat covered in blood.

Vance gets a call telling him that Jimmy denies killing Sally.  Abby calls and tells Vance that on some of the spatter there is an outline of the killers hand but there are two marks  They call Kensi who is with Jimmy’s wife at the boathouse.  Kensi tells her that they found a bloody hand print and the killer had two rings on her wedding finger.  Sally knew her killer.  Aimee tells Kensi  that Jimmy was the smart one, not Daniel, and only the three of them knew.  When Frank started wondering if he was dealing with the wrong brother he started making a lot of calls to Jimmy, because he wanted to know the truth. Jimmy didn’t care about the money, he just wanted to help his brother.  

Aimee was there with Sally got the call about Daniel and Aimee told her the truth.  Sally was mad that Daniel and Jimmy lied to her. She was going to call and have Jimmy sent back to North Korea.  Aimee confesses that she killed Sally.

Vance arrives at the scene.  Sam tells him that she bailed at the top of the ramp.  Vance tells Dom he did a good job.  Nate says that Vance doesn’t believe that she is dead, and that she will haunt him forever. Dom realizes that he lost the camera button, and all four of them start frantically looking for the button.  “Hetty’s going to kill me.”


(To Eric wearing flip-flops) "Eric this is not the beach!  This is the office!"


Sam: Know when it's going to be ready?
Nate I don't know.
Sam: Who knows?
Nate: Hetty.
Sam: You want to ask her?
Nate: You're armed. You ask her.
Sam: You're the psychologist.
Nate: Look, I've been trained to profile suspect, and brief you operationally. And with 3 years of college, 2 more to get my Masters and my Doctorate and when it comes to Hetty... clueless.

Nate: [Speaking of the Director] You know, he doesn't believe it for a second. He's *never* going to stop looking for her. Even if he drives a stake through her heart, and buries her. He's still going to wake up in the middle of the night, wondering if she's hiding under his bed. Just... irrational fear, it does... strange things to people

Did you know?
This was the second episode of the series to be filmed and was planned to air as such until early buzz about the appearance of Pauley Perrette and rumors of a story arc involving suspicious dealing about Leon Vance prompted postponement while more viewers caught onto the show.
(from IMDB.Com)


California Sun  By the Ramones

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