Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's that time again...Season Finale.

Didn't we just start Season 4?

So, get your tissue boxes ready to use or toss, get the tootsie pops, get the kids to bed early (or have them be in another room watching cartoons like mine), grab the alcohol  (or what ever you drink) and get ready....

Because tonight Merrie and I will be doing the drinking game.... LIVE!

NCIS: Los Angeles Drinking Game (Seasons 1-4)

NOTE: This is for fun.  IF UNDER 21 This drinking game should be used with MILK!  OVER 21 do whatever you want.  DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!  Not Responsible for drunk tweets!   UNLESS STATED all of them are one (1) SIPS NOT DRINKS!


  • Sam and Callen in “Married couple mode”
  • Callen gets a hint from his past
  • Callen clenches his jaw
  • Buddy
  • Mr. Carl
  • Callen has a new car

Sam Hanna

  • Sam and Callen in “Married couple mode”
  • Sam looks like he’s trying not to laugh
  • Sam wears red. TWO if the shirt has buttons.
  • Sam winks ; )
  • Sam mentions that he’s a seal
  • Sam gets annoyed that someone would impersonate a SEAL
  • Sam gets annoyed that his fellow SEALS have done something that he doesn’t agree with.
  • Sam gets annoyed!!! ; )
  • Sam threatens to “Gut you like a fish” to the TV
  • I hate clowns
  • Sam’s wife is in an episode

Kensi Blye

  • Kensi goes “Wikipedia”
  • Kensi hates flowers
  • Kensi kicks ass
  • Kensi hates Disney Land
  • Kensi destroys or damages a car
  • Biological Clock is said around Kensi
  • Kensi hair flip

Marty Deeks

  • “Frelted”
  • “Fern”
  • Uncle Marty
  • Deeks flirts with a female!
  • Wonder Woman
  • Deeks wears the blue plaid shirt
  • I hate Romania

Hetty Lange

  • “Bugger!”
  • Hetty threatens bodily harm to someone (i.e. Letter opener)
  • Hetty shoots a gun
  • Hetty is BACK!!!
  • Hetty resigns

Eric Beal

  • Eric breaks the Internet
  • “this will take a minute”


  • Nell tries to get Eric to the Dark Side by bringing him cookies
  • Darth Nell
  • Has a gun


  • Nate returns


  • is in an episode


  • When a suspect runs (3 if they say to the suspect “Do NOT RUN”)
  • “Plan B” is said.
  • (1) Shoots first asks questions later (2) if they are still alive when questioned (3) if they survive AFTER questioning
  • A tattoo is shown (3 if Hetty)
  • A guest from NCIS is on (2 if NOT Vance!)
  • One of Chris O’Donnell’s kids or his wife is on the show
  • Family mentioned that is NOT Callen’s (i.e. Sam’s kid, Deeks Dad)
  • a main character is shot (3 if not callen)
  • Someone says “Hetty was right”
  • In and Out Burgers mentioned
  • something blows up!  *BOOM*
  • ANYONE says “I’m just sayin”
  • a character says the name of the episode  (2 drinks)
  • Really?!?
  • Nell and Eric get to go on a field Trip!
  • They take someone to the boatshed.
  • Tootsie pops
  • Swagger
  • a weird camera angle (fridge, floor, ect.... )
  • ANYONE wears plaid
  • anyone half naked
  • humblebrag
  • Twitter is mentioned
  • We get to see the upstairs of the boatshed
  • Hetty does not resign during the season or at the season finale (3 drinks)

UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATHWISH These are the episodes that are DANGEROUS when doing this game (again you have been warned)

Season 2 episode 15 “Personal”  

Season 3 episode 1 “Lange, H”

Season 4 episode 14 “Kill House”