Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 5: Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy (Originally Aired October 13, 2009)

Walton Flynn former Marine arrives at LAX from and realizes he is being followed.  After being chased by the three men, hijacking a car and killing one of the men by hitting him with a car he escapes.

Eric is excited that he now has over one thousand Facebook friends. Hetty is upset that Callen got blood on a white shirt, his color scheme is now black.  Vance breifs them on Walton Flynn. Flynn works for Citdential security, one of the largest private security firms contracted by the US government in Iraq. Ten days ago he shot an Iraqi businessman that he was supposed to be protecting. He went into hiding. Citdential found out that he was on his way to LA. Tried to take him at the airport this morning. They made a mess and one of the men ended up dead and the DOD wants them to take care of this.

Sam and Callen talk to Peter Caldwell who recruited Flynn once he made CEO.  Three months ago he started "Behavoir Problems" trigger happy and drinking. Jim Rivers tells him that he just snapped.  Caldwell offers to help them find him, but Callen tells them no.  Nate gives them Flynn's history: Broken home. Dad busted in a drug conspiracy when Flynn turned seven. Mom was a drunk. String of foster homes, A few trips to juvi. He signed up for the marines the day he turned 18. The military gave him the family and structure that he had never had. The only other choice would've been a gang.  When asked why he chose the Military over a gang Callen tells them that it's a chance to get away from it all.  That gangs do give you structure but they keep you in the same place.  The military is all about starting over.  They watched the footage, and  after the gunman was killed Flynn went back to the terminal to get picked up by someone in a jeep. Nate tells Sam and Callen that he got the psych profile from the Citdental and thinks that he had undiagnosed PTSD complicated by his upbringing.  But what he didn't get was if he had a psychotic break in Iraq he was lucid enough to fly to LA when he could have gotten off in the East coast, so he was in LA for a reason.
Eric shows Callen and Sam video of the Jeep and the only thing they can see on the person who picks him up is a tattooed arm. Sam recognizes the type of tattoo and they go over to a local tattoo parlor. The woman says that it is her work and told her the person paid in cash and her name is Cherry. Eric found a major link for Flynn to go to LA. Flynn's former foster brother who owns a gun shop in the Valley named Chad Ellis. Kensi and Dom go over to the gun shop and find the shop closed and the doors unlocked. They find Chad tortured and dead.

Eric has found out that Cherise Dawson is the owner of the jeep.  He also found out that Cherise and Flynn had gone to the same high school and are now friends on Facebook. A week ago he contacted her and tells her that he's going to be in LA. He wants to meet up with her in person. Callen thinks that he is using her for money or a place to crash. Kensi finds out from the coroner that Chad Ellis was beaten to death and two guns were stolen. She asks why he just didn't take the guns and go. Why torture him? It doesn't make sense. Sam and Callen go to Cherise's house while she's not a home.  They make sure she has not had the same fate as Chad Ellis, then put video and mike her place. Kensi goes over to Cherise's work posing as a friend from high school. She mentions Flynn's name and Cherise makes an excuse about being late for work and leaves.  

Sam and Callen are now on a "wait and watch" patrol which just means that Callen is going to get on Sam's nerves until Sam basically threatens him with bodily harm (AKA "Old Married Couple" mode). The next day rolls around and still no sign of Flynn. Sam, Callen, Kensi and Dom all decide that it's now time to go to her office to see if they can get anything. Dom mentions that in Nate's profile of Cherise that she likes bad boys who need saving.

Callen goes in as a game tester.  Tells the owner that if he doesn't get the job he would make a couple of phone calls about his tax return.  When he starts the job he contacts Eric to help him out because he has no idea what he is doing.  They go to plan B which is Eric turning off the electricity for the entire building and every gets to go home. Sam messes with her car and Callen helps her out.  Offers to drive her home and fix the car the next day.  He goes inside and Flynn comes by.  Callen mentions rough home life as a child and they connect.  The security guys go in to get Flynn.  Shots are fired and he flees the scene.

Cherise tells Callen that Flynn probably went to see her because he needed a sim card downloaded. She said that the card was damaged and she couldn't get it to work. Flynn calls her up and tells her to put Callen on the phone. Tells him that he was being set up. Callen gives Eric the sim card to decode it. Eric finds out that it is a video file from Flynn's rifle while in Iraq. Sam and Callen find Flynn who has a gun pointed at Caldwell. Eric puts the video on a screen across the street. It shows that the real killer of the Iraqi businessman was not Flynn but Peter Caldwell.

Callen takes Flynn to the people who are going to give him a new idenity. They talk about doing the job to keep people safe. Callen knows that Flynn would be safer on his own, pulls the car over and lets him go.


Hetty: Well, sometimes damaged goods can actually be more valuable because of their unique qualities.
Callen: Is that right?
Hetty: It's a thought.
Callen: I will try and take good care of them.
Hetty: Don't try, just do.


Callen: Is that a frog?
Sam: It's a swan.
Callen: From where? Chernobyl?

Did you notice:
  • Isaiah Mustafa (The ‘Old Spice' Guy) is in this episode.

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