Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Personal (Originally aired February 22, 2011)

Deeks' morning routine is disrupted when he is shot during a convenience store robbery, leaving the NCIS team to investigate whether he was the assailants' intended target. Written by CBS Publicity 

NCISLARewatch: Yeah right Deeks
Merrie: Why does Deeks have to run in the shittest clothes. He looks like he's homeless!
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Oh this is where he gets shot isn't it
Merrie: Funions!!! I LOVE THEM!!!
NCISLARewatch: Really Sam?
Merrie: LOL Hubby said didn't we just watch this one? Isn't this where Deeks gets shot? I said yeah we watched it last week to get drunk, this week we are watching it to do the blog!
Merrie: Iceland and outer space... Good luck with that one! hehehe
  Humble brag! DRINK!!!
Merrie: Kensi in a button down dress shirt??? that is a little out of character...
Merrie: Yeah Kensi, your track record sucks!!! ;)
NCISLARewatch Hubby: maybe Kensi should take a better eye on them
Merrie: LOL my thoughts exactly!!! Especially this one!!! xD
NCISLARewatch: Why leave bloody rags on the floor?
Merrie: He can't tell them what they looked like, but they were there for a while... Bad writing or do they not think we listen???
Merrie: Oh it was only a small caliber weapon... UM, lady he was shot!!! small caliber, large caliber... THEY BOTH HURT THE SAME!!!
NCISLARewatch: Sam, Hetty is the mom of course she is going to know where her kids are!
Merrie: DUDE! you hire someone shouldn't you know a little about them right?
NCISLARewatch: FERN!!!!!
Merrie: I'm just kidding... I remember you Fern!!! ;)
Merrie:Yeah, you're a funny guy, I think I'm gonna have to punch you in your bullet hole.
NCISLARewatch: Well he's feeling better.
Merrie: That sounds vaguely dirty I think I might have to tell Hetty! LOL
NCISLARewatch: If this was a friends episode it would be called "The one with the good question"
NCISLARewatch Sam stop being Angry SEAL
NCISLARewatch  Humble Brag!
NCISLARewatch So they let one get away?
Merrie: This is the scene that Joey posted the picture, from last summer, that I got right and won the signed DVD
NCISLARewatch: picking on little sister
NCISLARewatch yes Eric too much
Merrie: They use TwitPic but not facebook? wonder why...
NCISLARewatch: Don't know. They used twitter for Empty quiver too.
NCISLARewatch Green Jello!
NCISLARewatch  Warm green jello....EW
Merrie: He's just not going to let that go is he?
NCISLARewatch: nope.
Merrie: Deeks I mean... a little late on that one... LOL
NCISLARewatch: Yeah I know. LOL!
NCISLARewatch HA! She is a comic geek!
Merrie: I think he gave in to easily... IMO
NCISLARewatch: And no one says nothing when Nell's jaw drops the the floor when he said that name.
Merrie: I know cause that wasn't really subtle... Unless Kensi and Deeks only had eyes for each other!!! ;D
NCISLARewatch: Wonder Woman!
Merrie: It really makes me crazy that Kensi goes and runs off half assed with no real idea of what is going on. That's just so out of character... and what the hell does she think she is going to do... save them???
NCISLARewatch: Yeah.
NCISLARewatch Ah hospital phone SUCKS!
Merrie: LOL Kensi's like, "I got him!" which translates to, "Get your damn hands off my man!!!" LMAO!!!
NCISLARewatch: Um Kensi I don't think you should be giving them that look of about time. They got there as soon as they could.
NCISLARewatch What is it with green Jello?
NCISLARewatch Deeks you really have to ask that?
Merrie: Lange, Henrietta... Gotta love the Momma!
NCISLARewatch Hubby (from the other room): Hoo Wee!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Empty Quiver

"Empty Quiver" Season 2 Episode 16 (Originally aired February 15, 2011)

Suspicious of an undercover venture involving a deal between corrupt cops and military personnel, Callen and Sam try to expose the illegal operation by posing as California highway patrol officers. Written by CBS Publicity

Now this is a Dave ep.
Merrie: Sam is a little scary...
NCISLARewatch: Yeah..
NCISLARewatch:  No Hetty. LOL!
NCISLARewatch:Yeah Paul's dead.
NCISLARewatch:Really Kensi?
NCISLARewatch:  It is true!
NCISLARewatch: LOL I set Hubby's clocks 15 minutes fast.
Merrie: Hubby: How long do you think he sat there before they got there? And then he had to die right then? I would have written in blood who killed me if I was just lying there! LOL
NCISLARewatch: Flavored wha? no no ick
Merrie: Um... Yuck!
NCISLARewatch: Yes he is mocking you Deeks.
Merrie: Baa Ach Tun 13... LOL
NCISLARewatch: am I ahead of you?
Merrie: no I'm just slow on the typing right now
NCISLARewatch: Okay. just making sure. ;b
Merrie: Yeah, just a little tired today ;P
Merrie: Oh no Sam... all married couple here we go!
Merrie: Those boots are fugly!!!
Merrie: Yes Kensi... THE MOST SERIOUS!!!
NCISLARewatch: Really Nell?
Merrie: What does Nell know about humor???
NCISLARewatch:: Blood on the wall not a good sign
NCISLARewatch:Really they got hit there? What was the first sign? oh right BLOOD!
Merrie: Really Kensi??? A 5 year old could have figured that out!
NCISLARewatch:: Eric...
NCISLARewatch:Deeks really?
NCISLARewatch:  First date? Really?
Merrie: We call them Juice bars in Jersey... I've been to both kinds... not with Hubby... :o
NCISLARewatch: Holy --
NCISLARewatch:  Well someone is there.
Merrie: Go Sam!!!
NCISLARewatch: I love that look from Sam. The look of "Good Freaking GOD woman!"
Merrie: Callen and Sam at a bikini bar... Ahahahahaha!
Merrie:Deeks: All the dancers know and love me...
NCISLARewatch: I know a girl name Patience.
NCISLARewatch:Great Frat boy is here.
NCISLARewatch:  HA HA HA!!! Thank you Sam!
Merrie: LOL, "We're in." Of course you are gentlemen!
NCISLARewatch: Locker cam!
Merrie: Drink! LOL
NCISLARewatch:  I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want to eat. :/
NCISLARewatch: Hey those are the guys from the night before. Hmmm. I think this is a trap!
Merrie: LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
NCISLARewatch: Do we drink because Sam was shot but he's okay?
Merrie: yeah drink 3
NCISLARewatch: I need to get a copy of this song.
Merrie: I'll send you mine.
NCISLARewatch: BOOM!!!
NCISLARewatch: Drink
Merrie: Looks like the who plan went FUBAR
NCISLARewatch: Yep.
Merrie: Hehehe! I soooo love Deeks!!!
NCISLARewatch:Boys Momma will protect you now go find that nuke!
Merrie: A mother always protects her children Sam... no matter what the odds are.
NCISLARewatch: Banana's yep.
NCISLARewatch:  Callen don't do this!
NCISLARewatch: Still please tell her!
NCISLARewatch:I would take notice too.
NCISLARewatch:Oh crap Hetty is pissed
Merrie: Kids... you fucked up!!
Merrie:You go Kensi!
NCISLARewatch: Very Personal. Good job Sam
Merrie:  DAMN GIRL!
Merrie:  DO IT ERIC!!!
Merrie:  WOOHOO!
NCISLARewatch:  DRINK!!!
NCISLARewatch:  Oh Deeks you should not have fallen for THAT!
NCISLARewatch: You're a loser! LOL!
Merrie: Kensi: The whole internet? Deeks: Even Twitter?
NCISLARewatch: Even Twitter? LOL!
Merrie: And that line was all Mr. Olsen... Dave told me he couldn't lay claim to that b/c Eric is so good with improv
NCISLARewatch: That time? What time? Come on Nell go with it.
NCISLARewatch:Okay that laugh is scaring the crap out of me.
Merrie: Eric is trying so hard not to laugh at her!! LOL
Merrie:  I think she should stop shoveling that crap into her pie hole!
NCISLARewatch: LMAO!!!!
Merrie: LOL
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Hoo Wee!