Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Harm's Way

Harm's Way (originally aired March 1, 2011)

One of Sam's aliases is contacted. Sam travels to Yemen to contact Abdul and his brother. Callen backs up his partner while the rest of the team tries to determine if Sam's cover has been compromised. Written by Jesse Sanchez (from IMDB.com)

NCISLARewatch:  Cannot remember this episode at all!
Merrie: Me either...
NCISLARewatch: All I can remember is Sam bitching about Deeks in the beginning.
Merrie: Oh and Deeks having that kid put his cell phone in Sam's bag!
NCISLARewatch: Yep that's it. Then it's a big BLANK!
Merrie: LOL, okay ready when you are...
NCISLARewatch:okay and.....go
NCISLARewatch: Oh oh oh I remember this one now!
Merrie: Yeah, i still have no idea... is this the on where Sam goes to ...never mind, it is
Merrie: Eating popcorn, drinking margaritas... i think I need some Starburst...
NCISLARewatch: Aw...Sam being big brother
NCISLARewatch:  is that a phone?
Merrie: Ahahahahaha! Deeks, you're awesome!!!
Merrie: Oh Deeks and Callen would get into so much trouble without Sam and Kensi to keep them in check!!!
NCISLARewatch: Sam is wearing red!
Merrie: DRINK!!!
Merrie: How much did you drink tonight???
NCISLARewatch: Just one. Very strong almost empty stomach.
Merrie: Oh...
NCISLARewatch: Oh that look from Hetty to Callen.
Merrie: WTF is a futa???
NCISLARewatch: I don't know. I've looked it up but it says it's a tax. I know that's wrong.
NCISLARewatch:found it!
Merrie: Yemeni men often wear one of several types of skirts, called "futa" rather than pants and a head scarf while tribesmen wear the dress, called "thaub.".
Merrie:  Oh, me too!
NCISLARewatch: NATE!!!!!
Merrie: I'm so glad they didn't kill him off last season!!! Although I was upset they killed off ********** (NCISLARewatch Editor Note: Not posting the name in case you have NOT watched Season 3)
NCISLARewatch: Ceiling Cam!
NCISLARewatch: Whoa Callen!
NCISLARewatch: Good job Sam. Yikes!
Merrie: Cute kid.
NCISLARewatch:Yeah he is.
NCISLARewatch: Look at those two!
NCISLARewatch: Check
Merrie: I heard that Season 3 is already out in NZ and the do commentary on Neighborhood Watch
NCISLARewatch: Oh that is going to be so cool!
NCISLARewatch:Really he had to say "Cops want to talk to you?" Not "Hey could you come here for a minute?"
NCISLARewatch:  and now he's dead.
Merrie: LOL, they just might as well said, "Federal Agents... don't run!"
NCISLARewatch: Callen...don't lie to Hetty.
NCISLARewatch: oh crap
Merrie: This isn't good
NCISLARewatch: Good Lord Callen!
Merrie: Good job Sam!
Merrie: WHAT?!?! Nate's staying???
NCISLARewatch: TWO?!
NCISLARewatch:  Hoo-Wee!