Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week 34: Bounty

Season 2 episode 8 Bounty

Originally Aired November 9, 2010

The team investigates the murder of Marine who had recently retired. He was part of an elite unit that tracked down high profile targets.

NCISLARewatch:  floor cam!
NCISLARewatch:okay if you have a camera while meeting someone that is NOT a good sign
NCISLARewatch:  OW!
Merrie: well that sucks!
NCISLARewatch: Yes Deeks WTH?
Merrie: This is a very sexual conversation! So many innuendos!!!
Merrie: Sam mediating!
NCISLARewatch: no Kensi you said relationship!
NCISLARewatch:Callen Sam is going to kill you!
Merrie: Your very annoying!!! Oh Kensi you have no idea yet!!
NCISLARewatch: Deeks don't start
Merrie: Love how Deeks jumps off that desk when Sam gets up!!!
Merrie:Off to a BBQ!
NCISLARewatch: Callen would send Sam Hetty...LOL!!!
Merrie: Sam - Seems angry. Callen- Maybe he should take up meditation! LOL
Merrie:Wait isn't that kid on the Jersey Shore???? xD hehehe
Merrie: I hate that shirt Kensi is wearing! it actually looks to small
NCISLARewatch:and we have a dead body.
Merrie: and a suspect!!!
Merrie:Why is Deeks using a flash light in the middle of the day???
NCISLARewatch: I was wondering that too.
Merrie: LOVE this woman!!!!
NCISLARewatch: Pretty neat for a kid
NCISLARewatch: yeah.
Merrie: And he had no idea that that horribly wobbly board was down there...
Merrie:  Yeah right
NCISLARewatch: Thank you Sam for shutting the door!
Merrie: Get him Kensi!!! GET HIM!!!
NCISLARewatch: yeah Kensi needs bigger clothes.
Merrie: Sorry to say but Daniela runs like a girl.
NCISLARewatch:Good Job Kensi
NCISLARewatch:  She is a girl!
NCISLARewatch: I really don't like this guy.
Merrie: LOL just because you're a girl doesn't mean you have to run with your arms all over the place!! keep them close to your side and loose. not flying every which way
Merrie: A harbinger of doom!!! Her thesaurus runneth over!!! I love Hetty's vocabulary!
NCISLARewatch: and we have two guys and the kid ran away.
NCISLARewatch:I'll reflect on zen and locking your ass in the trunk LOL
Merrie: Ahahaha! I was just going to type that!
Merrie:  Oh this is one of the best Hetty stories!!!
NCISLARewatch: I know!
Merrie: She's got some imagination!!!
NCISLARewatch:Hubby: She's a liar!
Merrie: Why is it always G who get's his ass kicked??? Sam's afraid he'll mess up his pretty face?
NCISLARewatch:why is the punching bag moving?
Merrie: breeze in the room?
NCISLARewatch:how in the hell did he get blood on him?
Merrie: must have hit himself to sell the cover
Merrie:  And they are dead no witness
Merrie:LOL Hubby say's "What are you angry about? You shot them!"
NCISLARewatch Hubby: Stop killing people! They are so bad at their jobs (Hubby leaves the room bitching and moaning...again)
Merrie Hubby: "They're really not good cops if they can't keep them alive. Or just really bad at shooting."
NCISLARewatch: their both dead, we know nothing, let's go out and kill more people!
NCISLARewatch He moved to Iowa...right.
Merrie: still not sure what made him pick up that envelope
NCISLARewatch: impending mayhem. It's them Hetty
Merrie: But what would make him pick up that card????
NCISLARewatch: vibe?
NCISLARewatch Hubby man I'm glad they got a time machine so they could get there so fast.
NCISLARewatch  we had her at the word TEA!
Merrie: Deeks???
NCISLARewatch:: Father issues.
Merrie: Everybody's got Daddy issues!!!!
NCISLARewatch: Oh Deeks no no please
NCISLARewatch:Oh Goodie Tea!
Merrie: Sam had a tea bag in his cup!!! For shame!!!!
NCISLARewatch:He can't taste the paper....poor guy