Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 10: Ambush

Ambush (originally aired  November 18, 2009)

Hetty goes to Washington leaving the kids at home alone...big mistake.

Man walking around beach area looking very paranoid. Sees someone hiding. Goes into an aquarium that is under construction and hears someone come in.  He tries to hide, but instead gets strangled and left for dead.

Sam has written an operations report. They discuss positive and negative enforcement.....

And we wonder why they get along so well.

Mike Renko makes an appearance in this episode....

Hetty tells them about the man who was killed in the aquarium. He's a marine reservist and Renko's informant to get information on ELE (Enhancing Law Enforcement). They are even more dangerous with six dragon missiles now.

Director Vance talks to Hetty. She knows that something is up because she's getting the special treatment and makes a remark about leaving the kids alone. Director Vance asks "how much trouble can they get in 8 hours?" Really?!? Have you met the kids? He assures her that this is not a witch hunt which she reminds him that's what she told Macy before she went in front of a committee and look where she is now.

Kensi, Callen, and Sam go to the aquarium where MacKaye was killed. Callen sees someone putting a para sail and asks Sam if a Dragon Missile could fit in a Sail bag. Eric goes over the video with Sam and Callen and see that they check the car but don't check the sail bag on the roof of the car. Kensi is at Riley's apartment and goes to check the sail bag on his car. Riley attacks her from behind and Kensi kicks his ass. Just as he tries to use the knife on her, Renko steps on his wrist. Makes a remark about starting without him and how he rescued her (yeah right).

Kensi questions him at the boatshed. Nate asks if she should be in the room with Riley alone. Renko remarks that the guy may be bigger and stronger but Kensi is meaner. She comes out and knows that he killed MacKay but they all agree that he is not a leader but a follower. Kensi and Renko take Riley, who gets put in the back of the truck.  There is Callen as a prisoner and Sam as an MP.

So in order to get this guy to think that Callen has the same views, he starts talking about how he's a patriot. Him and Sam argue about their views of the military and Callen tries to get Riley on his side. Riley wants nothing to do with it. Callen is trying to get this guy's trust and proceeds to tell the following BAD JOKES

Callen: "How many MPs does it take to screw in a light bulb? 50.  One to screw it in and 49 to stand guard."
I agree with Nate “That is the worst joke I ever heard.”

The one joke that does work is this: "Why don't MP's take showers before they go into battle? Because they're just going to wash up on the shore anyways."  That one gets a reaction out of Riley.

Momma Hetty calls home to check on the kids...

Dom finds that on the map is a list of potential targets on Riley's computer all are immigration processing centers.

A Truck comes up beside the armored truck and gets Callen ‘rescued'. Callen 'shoots' Sam and goes to escape. Riley wants to go with him and says that he has friends who have the same views that he has. Callen agrees to take him and they drive away. Kensi and Renko get Sam and they follow them.

Callen drives up to a gate in the woods and he starts to complain about how he doesn't want to go camping. They pull up and they get shot at. Riley goes out to talk to the shooter who is a kid named Jay. Callen says “You got to be kidding me. I’m being shot by a Jonas brother and I think I’m going the rest of the family." Riley and Jay get in the truck. This is when Callen and this kid start the "At least" game:
  • Callen: At least where I come from they have bathrooms, and TV and Fun!
  • Jay: At least where I come from we know when to shut our mouth.
  • Callen: At least I don't have an Appalachian goatee.
  • Jay: At least I can grow one.
Eric shows Nate a file about an agent Sullivan that Hetty personally recruited him ten years ago and was killed by an militia group. They look at his file and Sullivan was a lot like Callen. Hetty interrupts the meeting where Director Vance is in to talk to him.  He assures her that Callen is not Sullivan and everything will be alright.

Kensi Sam and Renko pull up to the entry to where the group is. Kensi sees that Callen's earwig on the ground he's worried about being searched. Callen, Jay and Riley pull up and he meets Malcolm and Bordinay. Renko Sam and Kensi in the woods sees the dragon missiles in the cabin. Bordinay is not thrilled with Riley bringing an outsider to the group. Kensi calls Dom tells him they need backup now. Bordinay kills Riley and Sam kills Bordinay before he shoots Callen he then tells Renko and Kensi not to shoot unless it is necessary. Callen takes Jay as a hostage claims he has no idea who is in the woods just wants the keys to the truck and he’s gone. Malcolm tells him to go ahead and shoot the kid he’s willing to die for the cause. Jay's facial expression says otherwise.

Nate gets on the phone to get director Vance and says that maybe Hetty's right. Eric replies with "Yes Hetty is always right!" DUH!

Sam then has an idea....

Callen wakes up and Sam tells him what is going on. Callen wants the gun and the hostage back (I would too). Director Vance pulls Hetty out of the meeting and lets her know what was going on.  Tells her that they have Callen and Sam and the LA office is doing everything they can to get them out. Renko asks Kensi how her Morse code is. While Callen is trying to get himself free of the handcuffs with a bobby-pin he had been carrying since the nineties and Sam sees a red laser flashing on Callen's forehead.  He gets Sam free and Sam responds with the reflection off of his watch.

Hetty calls Eric says “Please don’t yell” (LOL Eric I would be saying the same thing.) They tell her what Sam says about "Maskelyne" and she knows what he is talking about.  Basically they give the ELE the illusion that there are more people than what there is. Kensi and Renko move Nate, Eric and Dom get on the frequency and act like they are the ATF, Hetty talks to the Secretary of the Air Force and asks for a small favor.

ELE gets on the frequency and hears the 'ATF' talking. Callen wants to make a run for it. Jay comes in and Callen tells him that "you should be playing guitar hero and being with your friends or picking up chicks on the beach. Not camping out with a bunch of the Hills Have Eyes psychos . Jay comes running out and tells Malcolm that he saw ATF people coming in. F-22's go overhead freaking everyone out. Malcolm gets in a truck and drives away (big surprise)
Sam and Callen go after Malcolm. Knowing that he is not going to stop and probably hit them they shoot at him and the truck crashes.  

Callen tells Jay that he talked to the agent in charge and who spoke to attorney general and they said that he could go home for now. They do the "At least" game one last time with Jay telling him "At least I finally woke up and saved your behind."

Vance tells Hetty that the F-22's were a nice touch. She tells him that he knew that if Hetty went to SECAF that he would do it for her. They talk about Agent Sullivan and he tells her that she saved two agents today and she should be proud.

Next weeks episode “Random on Purpose”