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Week 1: Legend Part 1 and 2

Welcome to week 1 of the NCIS: LA Rewatch!

Each week I will (try) to have a short summary, music, did you notice (or nitpicks), favorite quotes, questions and other stuff.

So here we go!

NCIS Season 6, Episode 22 - Legend Part 1  (originally aired April 28, 2009):

We start off in Los Angeles where Marine Nick Chandler is being watched by 2 OSP Agents (Sam and Kensi). Chandler is shot at, he leaves the money and disappears. Chandler's body is found two days later and the NCIS team is on the case. They find out that there is a BOLO issued for him and it's the office in LA. Chandler was coerced into smuggling 250,000 from Kuwait by someone who just beat the crap out of his Mom. Gibbs takes McGee. Ziva gets a call and leaves. She later tells DiNozzo (who is left alone) that she is following up on a lead.

Abby tells Gibbs that Macy wants all the information about the case and to give it to her.  Gibbs tells Abby to give him the info first.  DiNozzo wants to know what is going on with Ziva and this mystery man she is seeing.  Gibbs and McGee arrive in LA. Gibbs and Macy talk and it is obvious they cannot stand each other and have big time trust issues.

Gibbs and Callen meet over at a beach.  Callen finds out that Gibbs now has 2 boats and has been married four times. Gibbs asks him how he is doing with Callen replying that he is not bad bordering on good some days and is "still looking". When a blond girl rides near on her bike, Callen begins talking in Russian.  Gibbs says he didn't know Callen was undercover, which Callen replies only for this girl.  She moved in next to his place and is from St Petersburg.  Callen figures that she won't bother him if she thinks that he is in the Russian mafia.  Gibbs and Callen have a history together for working on missions.  First one in Serbia where his "ass needed saving" and Moscow.

Callen goes to the diner to meet with Talia and talks about how his client needs weapons of the fourth of July type.  He also tells him that he needs it tomorrow and Callen says he wants to meet with the client. Talia  gets a note from someone at the counter by the waitress (Kensi) telling him that Callen is a cop.  Talia is done with him and tells him to leave.  Sam, Macy, Callen, McGee and Gibbs talk about Liam and where he fits in all of this.  Callen talks to Macy trying to find out what happened between her and Gibbs eighteen years ago.  Callen considers Macy and Gibbs family even if he doesn't have any.

Ducky shows DiNozzo that Chandler has rope burns and the person who did this to him would have it on their hand.  DiNozzo and Abby looks for the man in the film when Ziva was caught in the bombing.  They find out his name is Michael Rivkin.  Ziva tells DiNozzo that they got a lead and they talk to the Moss boys and find out that one of them has robe burns on his hand.  He tells them that they did it because they owed Liam a favor.

OSP intercepts a call that Talia makes to the man who sent the note at the diner. Talia tells him that there is going to be a meeting in forty minutes.  Tells him that he has a client that can hook him up.  Macy, Gibbs and Callen are there.  McGee sees that there is a silencer on Liam's gun.  Liam and other person is killed and Talia is arrested.  The man with Talia is Agent Renko.  They go to the hotel that Liam is staying at, where they find   passports and four suitcases filled with  enough  weapons to bring down a building.  Liam is a formerly IRA and has supplied weapons all over the world.  Liam is a ghost so Callen goes in posing as Liam.

DiNozzo and Abby looks for the man in the film when Ziva was caught in the bombing.  Michael Rivkin is Mossad knows Ziva and her father (who is the head of the Mossad).  DiNozzo tells her not to say a word and deletes the picture.  At the hotel there is a knock on the door. Callen opens it and lets the man in, which we see is Michael Rivkin.

NCIS Season 6, Episode 22 - Legend Part 2 (Originally aired May 5, 2009):

Michael points a gun at Callen and Macy tells everyone to abort the mission.  They found out that Michael is Mossad. Ziva vouches for him and they let him go  Renko follows Michael and keeps an eye on him.

Sam and Callen go to Nick's apartment discovering that Nick is dead.  Shikira (Nick's girlfriend) comes in so Callen acts like he is talking to Nick and says they have to go see Haziq.  Callen and Shakira go to find   Haziq at an auto shop.  Kensi gets a camera in the auto shop by busting the headlight on her car and asking if there is a bathroom.

Gibbs and Renko find out that Michael has killed Nasim and is on the way to the auto shop.  They get approval to get Rifkin and Nasim is killed. Shakira knows that they are planning something but doesn't know what.  Shakira shows Callen a picture of Rafi (her brother) and Callen realizes that Rafi is the one who is dead not Nick.  Nick is Michael Rivkin.  Callen tells Haziq who Nick really is and gives him a phone number that Shakira gave him in case something bad happens.  They find out that Michael is on the way.  Sam, Kensi, Renko and others go in.  Sam shoots Haziq and they bring him in alive.

Gibbs gets Michael and tells him that it's time to go home and that Ziva David works for him.  McGee and Gibbs are in the elevator when Nate tells Gibbs a "Story."  It's about a young marine Lieutenant who was on a case when he realized that the person accused of killing a Mexican drug-lord who killed his wife and daughter was right and so he buried the evidence.

Callen gets what I call a "bad vibe" and thinks that it's time to move again.  This will be the fourth time in eighteen months.  While on the corner he sees the Russian blond girl.  Sam sees that there is a van with gunman aiming at Callen.  He is shot several times.  Russian blond girl has no reaction and walks away.
Abby tells Dinozzo that Michael leaving LA on his way back to Tel Aviv but has a stopover in Washington DC.


In episode 24 of NCIS we find out that Hakim is questioned by Macy and Sam.  Hakim gave up his handler.  When asked about Callen's shooter we find out that he is still critical and hanging in there.

  • "Even Now" By Dashboard Confessional
  • "Boy with the Blues" By Oasis
  • "In the City" by Kevin Rudolf
  • "Run Away to tell the World" by Ours

  1. So what is Callen "still looking" for?
  2. Where is Hetty?
  3. (for those of you who have NOT seen NCIS:LA before) why do you think the Russian blond girl just walked away after he was shot?

Did you Notice?:
  • That when Macy asks anyone about where Callen is they basically laugh. 
  • No Hetty (Don't worry she'll be there next week)

Favorite Quotes:
  • Callen: Is there some reason why we're not meeting in a bar?
    Gibbs: Well, yeah, it's ten o'clock in the morning.

So what did you all think?  Likes, dislikes? Is the the first time you have watched this episode or the one hundredth?

Next week will  be "Identity" and "The Only Easy Day"

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  1. These episodes of NCIS were H.O.T.!!! I loved this crossover! Thanx for the "REWATCH" idea,is awesome! :) I watched Legend pt.I & II. at second time yesterday,but i noticed,i forgot about many things in it... The story & characters touched my soul again!
    My favourite quotes:
    Callen: 2 boats, 3 wives...
    Gibbs: 4... Wives. :)

    Callen: I don't know,what's the worst, getting older or getting wiser.

    Gibbs: Ziva David... She works for me!

    Abby: The director of Mosaad, Eli David, also known as... :)

    Favourite scenes: Gibbs & Callen on the beach, Abby & McGee are on the phone, Tony's in the background :), Gibbs is sending home Rivkin! Callen with Shakira... & i think the beautifulest scene was that,when GIBBS SMILED IN THE CAMERA TO MACY! (i got tears...)
    I cried on the scene,when Callen got shot... :'(

    I love that "russian girl",because i know,who is she... but hush! ;)

    P.S.: I'll take screen shot pics from these episodes & probably a fanart too about these episodes & i'll post them on my twitpic (DCsibi) profile.