Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's going to be a LONG summer!

WOW! Great ending for Season Two!  Now to wait until SEPTEMBER!

My name is B and I live in Texas.  I'm married to a great guy and I have two kids.

I was stuck in the house with my kids during Snow-a-geddon this past February and while watching almost every kid show known to mankind (and slowly going insane) I found Batman Forever on Netflix Instant.  So I looked up Chris O'Donnell on our cable provider and saw NCIS: LA.

I totally forgot he was on that show!  So I set up the DVR.

It took about a month or so to catch up on all the episodes.

After the "Rocketman" episode was aired I was reading all the comments on Facebook  and twitter most of the comments were "I don't think I can make it without new episodes during the summer" gave me the idea of watching the show again from the beginning. (Which I got from Nikki Stafford who is currently now doing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rewatch on her blog.)

I will start this on May 24 and will have go on every Tuesday....because I agree with all of you it's going to be a LONG summer.  There will be one week where we will not have an episode because I will be out of town and I don't want to stress. I will put the schedule up tomorrow.

By the way if anyone wants to help please email me at

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  1. Love your idea... will definitely check regularly to see if you found something I can add to MY blog... with credits of course !! Have fun with the blog !! CU sindee