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Season 3 Episode 8 "GREED"

  • When a Navy ID is found on a dead body tied to a hazardous material smuggling case, NCIS is granted permission to investigate in Mexico and asked to help locate the missing materials.
    - Written by CBS Publicity (From IMDB.com)

NCISLARewatch: okay....and....go
Merrie: Oh wait is this the red boots guy???
NCISLARewatch: yep
Merrie: AND JAIME!!!
NCISLARewatch: That's right!

NCISLARewatch:  Yeah don't get too excited dude
NCISLARewatch:  and he's dead

NCISLARewatch: Red boots
NCISLARewatch:  and the dancing
Merrie: no... he's STOMPING ON YOUR FOOT

NCISLARewatch:He did that on purpose! He STOMPED on his foot

SAM: Maybe Kensi should lead.

CALLEN: Isn't that what she's doing?

HETTY: Really? I would love to teach the two of you the traditional Viennese Waltz, with each other as partners.

SAM: She's kidding.

CALLEN: No, she's not.

NCISLARewatch:  She's not JOKING!!!!
NCISLARewatchHubby: Well she's been trying to get those two together for awhile.

HETTY: Agent Hanna, take your partner by the waist, back straight. Do I need to repeat myself?

SAM: Hetty, you...

CALLEN: Hetty.

Merrie: Come on Sam, wrap your arms around G! LOL

Sam, Callen, Deeks and Kensi go to Mexico to look at the crime scene.....

SAM: We're looking for a wooden box roughly foot-and-a-half long, a foot wide, about six inches high. (to Ramirez) ¿Sus hombres han vistos una caja de este tamano? [Have your men seen a box, this size?]


NCISLARewatch: And it's pick on Deeks now

DEEKS: Okay, you know how I don't do well over 100 degrees. I get xerosis.

CALLEN: Deeks, that sounds like an STD.

DEEKS: No, no, not an STD. It's dry and scaly skin.

KENSI: Like a lizard.

SAM: Lizards love the desert.

DEEKS (to Ramirez): You don't have any sunscreen, do you? Preferably something with, like, a moisturizer, hypo-allergenic.


 Sam and Callen question Brandon's wife at the boathouse.....

Merrie: Okay, what's UA?  Never mind... Wikipedia came through again... Unauthorized absence.
NCISLARewatch: Left without permission

WOMAN: We had no money. And... I'm pregnant again.

NCISLARewatch: Of course she is pregnant.

WOMAN: So, he said we'd never have to work another day in our lives.

CALLEN: For bringing one box into the country?

WOMAN: He said he wanted me to be ready to leave town and not tell anybody where I was going. Knowing Brandon, I think he was going to steal the box when he crossed the border.

SAM: Do you know what was in it?

WOMAN: Everything we'd ever want. All our dreams.

SAM: You want to share?

WOMAN: The box was filled with gold.

 Meanwhile back in Mexico.....

KENSI: Okay, this area, Deeks, is the United States of America.
DEEKS: What? We're in America?
KENSI: Yes! That's why they stopped following us. The border's right back there.
DEEKS: Oh, well, that's fantastic news.

NCISLARewatch:  You're in the US!
Merrie: What? We're in America? LOL Oh Deeks, you need a GPS!!!

NCISLARewatch:Hubby: Is that a pig? She has a thing for Deeks?
Merrie: Is that like a cop thing? LOL

Sam and Callen talk to Nell about the "Gold"......
Merrie: Nell's flowers! LOL

NCISLARewatch:Yeah moving them to the other side is NOT going to hide them it just makes ERIC notice them.

Merrie: LOL Loved Callen's face right there! ERIC!

ERIC: Happy birthday.
NELL: Not my birthday.
ERIC: I actually knew that. Uh, so the flowers are for...?
NELL: No occasion.
ERIC: So somebody sent you flowers just... because.
NELL: Uh-hum.
ERIC: So somebody did send them.
NELL: No, they just grew there.
NELL: Why are you so surprised that somebody would send me flowers?
ERIC: I'm actually not surprised. At all...

NCISLARewatch: No they just grew there. HA!
Merrie: That is totally something I would say!!! Ahahaaha!

Sam and Callen go to the garage, questioning doesn't get them anywhere, they go to leave and.....

NCISLARewatchHubby: and the murder begins

MAN: Excuse me. Little help here.
[A man is stuck under a car.]
MAN: Hi.
SAM: What's your name?
MAN: Jaime. I don't got a gun.
CALEN: You okay?
JAIME: I'm great. I just can't breathe. You don't realize how heavy a car is until you're under it, huh?

CALLEN: Yeah, I guess not.

Merrie: hehehe, yeah there is almost never anyone left alive.

JAIME: I still owe you guys?
CALLEN: Jaime, we saved your life.
SAM: That's a big debt to pay.

NCISLARewatch:Yeah you owe them
Merrie: Don't think of us as cops, think of us as they guys that just saved your life.
NCISLARewatch: We're your biggest fans. What's in the box?
NCISLARewatch:Jamie I don't want you to hurt yourself.
NCISLARewatch:  LOL!

Sam and G take Jamie to the Boatshed and question him. He tells them about Red Boots guy.....

JAMIE: That's it. Badass, right?

SAM: Badass as Matthew Broderick.

[Jaime chuckles.]

JAIME: Who's Matthew Broderick?

SAM: A badass.

Merrie: Bad ass as Matthew Brodrick??? WTF does that mean???

NCISLARewatch: You know they NEVER show him actually get him out of there.
NCISLARewatchHubby: they locked him in? They are mean.

NCISLARewatch:  Okay we need to put the following on the drinking game...

Merrie: Ahahahaha! Yes!!!

Sam, G, Kensi and Deeks go to Red Boots Guy's penthouse....

NCISLARewatch:Sam: I got a body
Merrie: He's dead... Ya think????
NCISLARewatchHubby: He SNORTED radioactive dust? who does that?
Merrie: Apparently he does, but in his defense he thought it was brown heroin
NCISLARewatchHubby: This episode is absurd. They only smart one is the guy they left at the boat house.

 Sam and G go to look at the surveillancetapes and while Kensi and Deeks stay at the penthouse....

DEEKS: Are you digging the art in this place as much as I am? I mean, it's bold, and it's cool. I mean, why isn't there more cool art, you know? Oh, there's another one. I want to show you this one. I want to show you this one.

NCISLARewatch:Really Deeks?
NCISLARewatch: I know.

DEEKS: This is my favorite 'cause it's the perfect combination of girls and guns.

DEEKS: Let me make this perfectly clear: If you harm her, this is going to be your last day on earth.

SAM: Michael and I have been working undercover in Sudan on the CIA task force for over a year.

It's not brown heroin the box has uranium....

Meanwhile back at Ops.....
NCISLARewatch: Eric why do you have a flower?
Merrie: Did you have a surgical procedure in the last hour??? LOL
NCISLARewatch: Nell why would you....Okay if you like flowers fine. I would prefer CHOCOLATE! but what ever
Merrie: Competitive???

Eric took the flower from Hetty's desk.....
NCISLARewatch: Eric...you did WHAT?!?!?!

NCISLARewatch:  Eric you are DEAD!!!

Sam and Michael talk over at the boatshed....

NCISLARewatch: Wait they're upstairs.

They find out that the others made an RDD (Radiation Dispersal Device) with the air conditioners and look for the others involved.

Merrie: Kensi did he even raise the gun???
NCISLARewatch: a little.
NCISLARewatch: wait...They said freeze and the man did. He's not shot!

The RDD is at the Convention Center where there the LA Gamer Expo has 30,000 people there.

Merrie: Lovin the breathy sound with the music! LOL WHOOSH!!!

NCISLARewatch: and hit with a radioactive brick.

Michael Saleh: [after being exposed to uranium] Sam, stay back! Stay back.
Sam Hanna: We're gonna get you to a hospital. Eric, I need an ambulance and a radiological team fast!

Michael Saleh: Sam, it's in the air. You shouldn't stay here. You should go.

Later in Ops Sam, Callen and Hetty watch Michael Saleh leave. He has probably gone back to the Sudan for the CIA mission. Sam tells Hetty that he is going also.

NCISLARewatch: Callen is NOT happy
Merrie: nope, not at all

Later that night......

HETTY: Mr. Beale?

ERIC: Huh?
HETTY: I don't like it when you touch my flowers.

NCISLARewatch:: Oh poor Eric!
NCISLARewatchHubby: Hoo Wee!

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