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Season 3 Episode 6: "Lone Wolf"

  • The NCIS team investigates the murder of a former Navy intelligence officer who had been living a double life and traveling overseas on false passports.

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Callen: Hey.

Sam: Bacon. Third time this week.


Sam: When is the last time you got your cholesterol checked?

CallenLast month.

Sam: What is it, 250, 275?

CallenNot even close. 
Sam: If you're at 300, I'm interviewing new partners.

Callen: Sorry, pal, you are stuck with me. Genetically gifted-- 170. Bacon is my friend.

Merrie: The Episode where...
NCISLARewatch: Eggs...bacon...MINE!
Merrie: The Episode where Callen Eats Bacon!!!

Merrie: And Deeks sleeps on the couch in the bull pen
NCISLARewatch: What the hell is that?

NCISLARewatch:  Oh it's Eric
Merrie: You need some deodorant! LOL
Merrie: No way would Deeks have been in college in the 80's, he's the same age as me and I was in college in the late 90's
NCISLARewatch: Yep!

Deeks: Can I...hand-wash it, cold water?

Deeks: No? Okay. Yeah, I need a do over on today.
Hetty: There are no do overs in live, Mr. Deeks.
Deeks: This coming from a woman with a dozen aliases.
Hetty: I heard that! 

Deeks: (Groans)

NCISLARewatch: Sam is wearing red.
Merrie: What have I seen this guy in before???
Merrie:  DRINK!!!
Merrie:  Although I have to admit he does look good in red.
NCISLARewatch: Okay those gloves are NOT that easy to put on!
Merrie: LOL
Merrie: I think this is the first time I had ever heard about a cloud drive.

Merrie: Really you needed to feel for a pulse... the POOL of blood didn't clue you i to her being DEAD????

Nell: Yes. A man named Larry Basser. 

Eric: He's a former NSA agent.

Kensi: Any ties to Afghanistan?

Nell: He's been all over the Middle East.

Eric: Joined the NSA after a career in the Army. Spent lots of time in Russia in the early '80s. He settled down in L.A. He's got memberships to three yacht clubs and two country clubs.

Deeks: Wait a second. Uh, is that who I think it is with Basser?

Merrie: NSA is code for 'Friend of Hetty's" but in Russian or Chechen ;P
Merrie: or some obscure language that only she knows

Hetty: Basser and I worked together in the '80s. He was a courageous soldier and a first class agent, but he considered himself somewhat of a maverick, which is to say that he ruffled a lot of feathers.

Callen: I know the type.

Sam: So that's why you wanted us on the case. You knew Basser was involved.

Hetty: I didn't know for certain.

Sam: Did you use us to do your leg work?

Hetty: You have longer legs.

NCISLARewatch: You have longer legs. HA
Hetty: Not so fast, Mr. Callen. Basser is the ultimate lone wolf, and he's a tricky bastard at that. He is extremely good at what he does. You won't get through the door. I will. And I'll remember to leave it unlocked for you.

NCISLARewatch: What the hell is that?
NCISLARewatch:  Kale Lemonade??? EW

Callen: How much do you spend every year on late-night infomercial purchases? You got the upside-down tomato grower. You got the crystal bulbs that water your plants. You got the Ginsu knife that can cut through glass.

Sam: All necessities.

Callen: And, of course, the Chillow--"the amazing pillow that stays cool."

Sam: Who sleeps like a baby on a hot summer's night? Cheers.

Callen: And drink up. It's showtime.

NCISLARewatch: Hey I got the tomato grower thing.
Merrie: I just said the same thing... as I sip on my Italian Margarita... LOL
NCISLARewatch: Texas weather and some animal got a hold of mine.

Merrie: Is it just me or are they flirting???
NCISLARewatch: they are flirting.
Merrie: Totally flirting!!

Deeks: Sam, you got a five-year-old bogey down the hall to your left.

NCISLARewatch: OMG! The kid reminds me of The Boy
Merrie: Thing 1 would act exactly the same way... first wary then his best friend! LOL
NCISLARewatch: LOL! Bye Sam
Merrie: That kid was cute!
Merrie: That woman's reaction was pretty good
Merrie: Oh this is where Kensi turns into the Brazilian model! LOL love it

Deeks: I was just saying to Melissa that we managed to avoid the paparazzi on Sunset. Somehow, they caught wind that Brazil's most famous topless model escaped to L.A. after her doomed wedding. We just want to have a quiet bite. I thought that, um, our club in London had arranged everything.

Melissa: Normally, we don't have reciprocal privileges, even with the Molton House in London…but I'll make an exception.

Kensi: (laughs)

Melissa: Go ahead that way. You'll find the pool, a restaurant and two bars.

Deeks: You're an angel. You are. I'm in love with you. I am. Positively in love with you.

Kensi: That was your English accent?
Deeks: Yeah, but it kept slipping between Captain Jack Sparrow and Mary Poppins.

Kensi: Mm-hmm. And topless model?

Deeks: What are you talking about? That's a compliment. Have you seen those Brazilian magazines? They have high standards there.

Kensi: And isn't Ines the name of that burlesque dancer/professional mud wrestler that you were seeing?

Deeks: Again, a compliment. She's both graceful and athletic.

Merrie:  Deeks and his British accent!!! LOVE IT!!!
Merrie: TOPLESS MODEL!! Ahahhahahahaha!
NCISLARewatch: Kensi is going to KILL YOU DEEKS!!!!
Merrie: Wow! That just happened! LOL
Merrie: Oh Kensi you accent sucks!!! Deeks' Jack Sparrow/Mary Poppins was better
NCISLARewatch: Yep

Merrie:  They need to find a new tagline... after 3 seasons, "Freeze... Federal Agents!" isn't working for them! ;P
me: Yep. "Go ahead and run we're going to shoot you!"
Merrie: LOL now that would work!!!

NCISLARewatch: Callen in a wetsuit.
Merrie: Oh Kensi in a bikini and Callen in a wetsuit... so nice to see

Merrie: I don't know how Hetty just walks away from all of these guys holding guns on her. Only one who ever shot her as Alexa Comescu. She's got some hold over these men!
NCISLARewatch: Selfish Bastard.
Merrie: isn't that Hetty's Jag???
NCISLARewatch: Callen has plans? WITH WHO?!?!
Merrie: And do my laundry for a month LOL Ahahahahahaha!
NCISLARewatch: Diving, buying and washing your underwear.
Merrie: apparently Kensi didn't think that through all the way before she opened her mouth. As Ross would say.. That sounded better in my head... LOL
NCISLARewatch: LOL!!!! The look on her face! LOVE IT!
Merrie: And scotch tastes like soap to begin with! That must have tasted like ... God only knows what!!!

NCISLARewatch Hubby: Hoo Wee!

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