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NCIS: Los Angeles 100 EPSIODES!!!!!

Over a year ago while watching NCIS:LA my Hubby said to me "You know you should do the titles of these episodes like they did with the TV show 'Friends', Their title always started with 'The one with.....' That's how I remember them."

So, in celebration of NCIS:LA having 100 episodes here is the list

NCIS:LA Episodes listed as Friends Episodes

NCIS: Season 7

NCIS: Legend: The one with Gibbs and McGee going to LA

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1

1.1 Identity: The One with Sam owing Hetty sixty-one dollars and a nickel

1.2 The Only Easy Day: The One with the dead Navy Seal.

1.3 Predator: The One with Hetty and Sinatra

1.4 Search and Destroy: The One with Frog, Duck, or Swan
NCISLARewatch 2013
1.5 Killshot The One with the dead guy on the jet ski.

1.6 Keepin' it Real: The One with Callen’s rule about handcuffs

1.7 Pushback: The One with the Joline
NCISLARewatch 2013
1.8 Ambush: The One With Hetty Leaving the Children alone for the day (BIG MISTAKE)  

1.9 Random on Purpose: The One with ABBY!!! or The one where Callen needs to lay off the donuts.

1.10 Brimstone: The One with the Palm tree as a Christmas tree (Christmas Episode)

1.11 Breach: The One with Hetty making Nate take a vacation

1.12 Past Lives: The One with Sam’s cup turning blue to red and the mechanical bull

1.13 Missing: The One with the Karaoke argument

1.14 LD50: The One Where Callen Hates Needles

1.15 The Bank Job: The One with Kensi gets shot

1.16 Chinatown: The One with the gay sleeper cell Marine's suicide
NCISLARewatch 2013
1.17 Full Throttle: The One with Callen going to Defensive Driving

1.18 Bloodbrothers: The One with ‘Keith’, ‘Ernie’ and ‘Gordo”

1.19 Hand-to-Hand: The One with Deeks!

1.20 Fame: The One with FERN!

1.21 Found: The One with Dom's rescue

1.22 Hunted: The One with Callen threatening to play show-tunes in the car

1.23 Burned: The One with Callen being discovered

1.24 Callen, G.: The One with Callen’s sister...Wait...What?!?


2.1 Human Traffic: The One with Russian Scrabble

2.2 Black Widow: The One with the killer housewife

2.3 Borderline; The One with the showers on timers

2.4 Special Delivery: The One with Hetty’s Birthday

2.5 Little Angels: The One with Sam mentioning his kid....KID?

2.6 Standoff: The One with Callen’s ex-wife

2.7 Anonymous: The One with Deeks getting tazered at the spa

2.8 Bounty: The One with Sam snoring while he is meditating

2.9 Absolution: The One with the yoga bunnies, not a good day to be french, Sam’s baby fresh scent, pigs in blankets, and Hetty’s husband
NCISLARewatch 2013
2.10 Deliverance: The One with Kensi ending up on top of Deeks

2.11 Disorder: The One with the guy from fresh beat band....BLECK! (Christmas Episode)
NCISLARewatch 2013
2.12 Overwatch: The One with the glowy stuff they spray on people

2.13 Archangel: The One with the FBI Balls

2.14 Lockup: The One with Nate back!

2.15 Tin Soldiers: The One with kittens, long walks in the rain, and Barry Manilow

2.16 Empty Quiver: The One with Bananas

2.17 Personal” The One with the good question
NCISLARewatch 2013
2.18 Harm's Way: The One Justice or Revenge

2.19 Enemy Within: The One with Callen Wearing MAROON (GAH!)

2.20 The Job: The One with the Clowns

2.21 Rocketman: The One where Eric almost gets FRELTED!

22 Plan B: The One with Wikipedia and Mr. Carl...he likes to party

2.23 Imposters: The One with Hetty’s words of wisdom
NCISLARewatch 2013
2.24 Familia: The One with the tattoo


3.1 Lange, H: The one with the Comescu’s

3.2 Cyber Threat: The one with Callen and Hunter bickering at each other

3.3 Backstopped: The one with Hunter leaves

3.4 Deadline: The one with Hetty telling Callen about his Mother
NCISLARewatch 2013
3.5 Sacrifice: The one with Charlene missing and the stages of grief

3.6 Lone Wolf: The one with Kensi being master of the car radio

3.7 Honor: The one with Nell as the supervisor of airport security

3.8 Greed: the one with the radioactive bricks
NCISLARewatch 2013
3.9 Betrayal: The one with Jada...and Sam’s wife.

3.10 The Debt: The one with Swagger

3.11 Higher Power: The one with Callen’s Plan B (Christmas Episode)

3.12 The Watchers: The one with Granger

3.13 Exit strategy: The one with Jada back

3.14 Partners: The one with the 5th Anniversary
NCISLARewatch 2013
3.15 Chimeleon: The One with Kensi’s Tattoos

3.16 Blye, K Part I: The one with Kensi accused of murder

3.17 Blye, K Part 2: The one with Kensi’s Mom

3.18 The Dragon and The Fairy: The one with the basketball game

3.19 Vengeance: The one with Eric gets caught playing video games in ops

3.20 Patriot Acts: The one with the FBI handbook

3.21 Touch of Death: The one with Danno and Jin
NCISLARewatch 2013
3.22 Neighborhood Watch: The one with Kensi kissing Deeks

3.23 Sans Voir Part 1: The one with everyone saying “Damn it SHOOT HIM!!!” at the end

3.24 Sans Voir Part 2: The one with Callen going off the reservation


4.1 Endgame: The one with Hetty dying of boredom with retirement

4.2 Recruit: The one with Touche

4.3 The Fifth Man: The one with the Mom’s

4.4 Dead Body Politic: The one with Freaks, Geeks, and Deeks

4.5 Out of the Past: The one with the Spiderman pajamas

4.6 Rude Awakenings: The one with Quinn

4.7 Skin Deep: The one with surfing

4.8 Collateral: The one with Hetty and Granger’s past

4.9 The Gold Standard: The one without Deeks

4.10 Free Ride: The one with Nell dressed up as an Elf  (Christmas Episode)

4.11 Drive: The One with New Year’s Resolutions

4.12 Paper Soldiers: The one with Hetty and Nate undercover

4.13 Chosen One: The one with Callen wearing glasses......*sigh*
NCISLARewatch 2013
4.14 Kill House: The one with Nell trusting her training

4.15 History: The one with rock-paper-scissors

4.16 Lokhay: The one where Callen goes through the boathouse basement

4.17 Wanted: The one with Sunshine and Gunpowder

4.18 Red Part 1: The one with Paris and Roy

4.19 Red Part 2: The one with Paris and Roy

4.20 Purity: The one with Deeks tax deductions

4.21 Resurrection: The one with because I said so!

4.22 Raven and Swans: The one with Callen and Hetty arguing.

4.23 Parley: The one with the diamonds

4.24 Descent: The one with Deeks wondering how good the LAPD’s Dental Plan is.
NCISLARewatch 2013


5.1 Ascension: The one with Michelle ripping a Barbie's head off.

5.2 Impact: The one with the cronut

5.3 Omni: The one with Kensi driving Hetty’s Cobra

5.4  Reznikov, N.: THE ONE WITH THE 100TH EPISODE!!!!!!!

Once again Congrats to the Cast and Crew of NCIS:LA! 

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