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"Familia" Season 2 Episode 24 (Originally Aired May 17, 2011)

Hetty's sudden resignation prompts Callen and the NCIS team to investigate the reason why she would disappear in the hopes of tracking her down. (From IMDB.com)

Special “guest” is my Hubby. (Only because he was in the room)

Merrie: Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles...
Merrie:  Prague...
NCISLARewatch hubby: that is a back lot in Hollywood
NCISLARewatch: Why don't they have the door locked?
NCISLARewatch:  Yes lick your hand EW
Merrie: It's Prague and hey are big gangstas they don't need to lock doors...
NCISLARewatch hubby: right in the neck
NCISLARewatch:  BUGGER! Drink!
NCISLARewatch: Yes Eric we would.
Merrie: There's a lot of guessing going on right now...
NCISLARewatch: confusion? Really?
NCISLARewatch: And the language contest begins
Merrie: I can't stand her accent
NCISLARewatch: Really you think Sam is going to talk to you?
NCISLARewatch: "not as pissed as I am"
Merrie: Good ole' neighbor Callen
NCISLARewatch hubby: Oh God they are killing people already.
NCISLARewatch: Notice the large boxes in the garage? has the same stuff like the small ones in Callen G.
NCISLARewatch hubby: Not the car NO!
NCISLARewatch hubby: Taken out by bad driving.
Merrie: And that's why you wear a seat belt!!!
NCISLARewatch: Big bad momma bear and her jaguar
NCISLARewatch: Vance!
NCISLARewatch: No you flew out here to make sure he didn't leave.
NCISLARewatch: are you sure you should be doing that Vance. Nell will remember it!
NCISLARewatch:  Um why didn't anyone say "Hey we find a file and it was used twice on her computer but it said one more time and it goes bad?"
NCISLARewatch hubby: You have to speak telepathy to know that
Merrie: Really?!?! Two dead bodies on the floor and you're going to have a cup of tea? Only Hetty
NCISLARewatch: I think blondie is probably related to Dracul.
NCISLARewatch hubby: a little woman who killed two of your men and you pull a gun on her?
NCISLARewatch hubby: Product placement
NCISLARewatch hubby: (as Hunter thinking) “Oh God. I woman and I can't shoot a gun. I'm going to make funny faces that he can't even see....because he's not even in the room yet.”
NCISLARewatch hubby: depends on what Hetty is up to this week
NCISLARewatch hubby: Hello baby brother.
Merrie: OUCH!
NCISLARewatch hubby:  (as Hunter thinking) Now I can shoot good ! It's like magic!
NCISLARewatch: How did Eric know that it was a thick file if he wasn't there when Vance told Callen that?
Merrie: maybe he overheard what they were talking about.
NCISLARewatch: Well actually they do go down. LOL!
NCISLARewatch: Callen clenching his jaw
NCISLARewatch hubby: Do they actually bring him in?
NCISLARewatch: No
NCISLARewatch hubby: Thought so
Merrie: LOL do they ever actually bring anyone in???
Merrie: shoot first, ask questions later
NCISLARewatch hubby: Oh come on you know he likes rooftops...he's Robin
Merrie: hehehehe!
Merrie: "I totally didn't see that one coming," said NO ONE EVER!!!
NCISLARewatch hubby: Well lets not leave anyone alive for questioning
NCISLARewatch hubby: Vance looks like he's doodling right now. Hunter is checking her facebook.
Merrie: lol that's probably exactly what they are doing
NCISLARewatch hubby: can I see the file if it's about ME????
NCISLARewatch hubby: Look how the camera is zooming in on Hunter I wonder why.
NCISLARewatch hubby:: Wait isn't G Callen is this guy who doesn't exist?
NCISLARewatch: Yes
NCISLARewatch hubby: Then How do they know about him?
Merrie: Yeah but they killed her off before they could tell us... and it would really suck if they come back in Season 7 and we find out she was really his sister
Merrie: Pretty shots but that's a back lot
NCISLARewatch hubby: It shouldn't be hard to find them they just left!
Merrie: That almost felt like Sam was reassuring him and reprimanding him at the same time
NCISLARewatch hubby: Lets go to a foreign country and murder people!
NCISLARewatch hubby:  How many people are in that freaking place!
Merrie: And somehow not get caught!!!
NCISLARewatch: Hubby is still bitching about them murdering people
NCISLARewatch hubby: Oh look there is someone alive! ON ACCIDENT!
Merrie: DRACUL!!!
Merrie: Another accent that I can't stand
NCISLARewatch: and she was on NCIS.
Merrie: Oh look... California!
NCISLARewatch hubby: So where is Romania in Los Angeles?
NCISLARewatch: But we don't know!!! Bitch!
NCISLARewatch hubby: Gallagher! His name is Gallagher!
NCISLARewatch hubby: Never noticed there is another woman at the table
Merrie: She's just a filler...
NCISLARewatch hubby: Callen's mind is bleeding!
Merrie: LOL
NCISLARewatch: and this is when I screamed "What do you mean because we're family?!?!?!?!?"
Merrie: Um... Hetty... do you think that's really gonna stop her from killing you???
Merrie: How naive
NCISLARewatch hubby: Hoo Wee!
Merrie: OMG! Season 2 is OVER!!! WOOHOO!!!
NCISLARewatch: And that is the end of SEASON 2!

We are off for the holidays! We’re going to start Season 3 on January 8, 2013!

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