Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 37: Disorder




Disorder (originally aired Dec. 14, 2010)

Kensi connects personally with a discharged Navy Intelligence officer suffering from post traumatic stress disorder who is the sole survivor of a deadly dispute being investigated by the NCIS team. Written by CBS Publicity

NCISLARewatch: Oh crap its twist. (From “Fresh Beat Band”)
Merrie: Oh damn it's Twist!
NCISLARewatch Hubby: That's...tell me he gets shot..we can only hope!
Merrie: Why would you go up to a house with no Christmas lights outside and sing NCISLARewatch: Um they are shooting a gun...get away from there. Idiots
NCISLARewatch  LOL! Because they are idiots!
Merrie: Ahahahahahaha! Hubby just said "Seriously who stands there when they hear gunshots???"
NCISLARewatch: Gifts I would be scared.
Merrie: LOL "Little Drummer Boy"!!!
G and Sam on a man date!!!
NCISLARewatch: Kensi and a spice rack. Hetty why did you...oh crap...she regifted!
Merrie: oh yes Kensi you really needed a pocket knife to open that gift
NCISLARewatch: teddy bear bookends? Really Callen?
Merrie: YAY! it's a Dave episode!!!
NCISLARewatch: Goose hunting? Hetty? I don't want to know.
Merrie: Hetty hunted geese??? why doesn't that surprise me???
Merrie:I like the flip doo on Nell in this episode
NCISLARewatch: hey Sam is wearing red!
Merrie: LOL Sam is always wearing RED!!!
NCISLARewatch: Callen find those steak knifes!
Merrie: Yeah, Sam I'd check his house cause those steak knives are NOT there!
NCISLARewatch: Oh that's going to leave a mark!
Merrie: I have to say I didn't trust this guy from the beginning!
NCISLARewatch: They couldn't find a shirt for him or something?
Merrie: Hehehe, hubby just asked the same question... xD
NCISLARewatch: Good Lord dude.
Hey it's that guy from Star Trek Next Generation!
NCISLARewatch: He directs some episodes, God what is his name???
NCISLARewatch: Jonathan Frakes
He did part one of Blye, k I think.
Merrie: Yup, just checked
NCISLARewatch: He also directed this episode.
Merrie: Guess they were short on extras
NCISLARewatch: Yeah Hubby said the same thing.
Merrie: must have been why they cast Twist from Fresh Beat Band...
NCISLARewatch: LOL!!!!
Merrie: He's thinking,'Oh yeah I can totally use this girl..."
NCISLARewatch: I don't think so Deeks. Just caught Sam looking at Callen like Callen would know.
Merrie: Deeks speechless???
NCISLARewatch: Yeah. I know.
Merrie: And once again... "Seriously can they not get this guy a clean shirt???" -Hubby to TV
NCISLARewatch: I think they have used the house in an episode in season 1
I know! Get the guy a shirt!
Merrie: And there's a Kensi ass shot!!!
NCISLARewatch: Kensi sweetie this guy is NOT Jack!
Merrie: She's got to separate Jack and Talbot.
Merrie:Oh look he finally got a clean shirt!!!
NCISLARewatch: I know!
Merrie: UM... shoot first and ask questions later... DRINK!!!
NCISLARewatch: Drinking!
Merrie: LOL okay so why did he want to kill Kensi?? I never got that.
NCISLARewatch: take her out so he could get him. Okay. I don't like it but okay.
Merrie: Oh, duh they just said that... Blonde moment!!!
NCISLARewatch: Watch Uncle Bob get drunk and pee in a toaster? LOL!
Really? Drink!
Merrie: Drinking!
NCISLARewatch: Ice cream and beer???
Merrie: Ice cream and beer!!!!
NCISLARewatch: cable out.
NCISLARewatch yeah he knows.
NCISLARewatch oh crap
Merrie: funny how they started out on opposite ends of the couch and here they were almost right next to eachother.
NCISLARewatch: I had a dream I was being visited by the three wisemen....and then I saw Deeks. LMAO!!!!
Merrie: The Three Wise Men... and then I saw Deeks.
Merrie:Scratch my car... I Bengay your shorts... yup she's feeling better!
NCISLARewatch Okay is he allowed to park there? Since I saw a sign not to far away saying NO parking blah blah blah
Merrie: Is this where G tackles him down... yup never min
Merrie:Oops mind.
Merrie: I knew he was faking!
NCISLARewatch: Okay the hair dye really bothers me.
Merrie: LOL I love Callen... what makes you so special.
Merrie:Yeah me too!
NCISLARewatch: Oh boy...why do I have a feeling there is a...Yep Christmas Sweater!
Merrie: Hubby about Nell - "Why did she have that suitcase upstairs with her???" GD thing is as big as she is!!!
NCISLARewatch: and Hetty driving like a bat outta Hell! Hang on NELL!!!
Merrie: I hated that ending. :p
NCISLARewatch Hubby: hooo-wee!
Merrie: LOL Thing 1 does that really wel!!!
NCISLARewatch: The boy can do it too.

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