Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 33: anonymous

A State Department employee and plastic surgeon are murdered. The team discovers a terrorist cell had their faces altered. They must find the one person who can identify them. (From IMDB.com)

 Originally aired on October 19, 2010

NCISLARewatch:Go Kensi!
NCISLARewatchLOL! Easy on her?
NCISLARewatchYou deserved that deeks!
Merrie: For what Pirate Fest? AHahahahaha! and that taser was real!!!
Merrie: And where exactly did everyone go???
NCISLARewatch: Doc is dead....Big surprise.
Merrie: I would love an episode where the found the guy alive. Shot but alive!
NCISLARewatch: Deeks you should be happy she didn't hit you!
 Yes Kensi why do you need to hotwire a plane?
Merrie: And why did you have to hot wire a Cessna??? Can't wait to find out next week!!! ; )
NCISLARewatch: Fridge Cam!!!!
Merrie: This is the place in the commentary where Eric expounds on the term refrigerator. LOL Funny stuff!
Merrie Las Chicas Panteras!!!! LMFAO!!!
NCISLARewatch: Undercarriage
NCISLARewatch  Dumbo?!
Merrie: Love the weight belt on Kensi's outfit, and the bling on Deek's shirt!!!
Merrie And that was method acting with a real punch to Eric from Danni!
NCISLARewatch: really that much pepper spray?
Merrie: And he is soaked!!!
Merrie Kensi? Kensi? Aahaha! so pathetic! love it!!
NCISLARewatch: We need to do the commentary. Maybe tomorrow.
Merrie: Ahahaha definitely, hubby is giving me a day off!!!
NCISLARewatch: Who gave Eric that?! and WHY?!?!
Merrie: A little "Lord of the Flies" reference!!!
Merrie maybe he found it surfing?
NCISLARewatch: He doesn't want to talk about it. LOL!
Merrie: With that much pepper spray would he even be able to see right now???
NCISLARewatch: And they run...again!
Merrie: Why do they always run??
NCISLARewatch: Sam you should not have mentioned it because now he HAS thought about it.
NCISLARewatch squish
Merrie: Oh Sam but he does, and you watched! Ugh!
NCISLARewatch: stuff animals? ew
Merrie: yeah kind of creepy.
Merrie Only Deeks, Nice catch!!
NCISLARewatch: Nell and Eric fighting...
NCISLARewatch Wait What?
NCISLARewatch Kids
NCISLARewatch  and he probably did background checks on all the teachers.
Merrie: LOL Kind of like you???
NCISLARewatch okay so they just open a storage unit with NOTHING? There could have been a bomb there.
Merrie: Wow I never realized how boring this episode is with out Danni and Erics commentary!!! sigh LOL
Merrie: Wow Kensi that was really bad. So disappointed with that
NCISLARewatch: Ouch Callen. Well that not dead....yet
Merrie: And I love the camera angle up Deek's nose and his cross eyed look as he undoes the canister
NCISLARewatch: Oh Hetty COME ON!!!!
Merrie: And why doesn't Deeks have bow tie on like Callen and Sam??
NCISLARewatch: why are Sam and Callen's bow ties different?
Merrie: Now I know how Cindrella felt with her evil stepmother. Really Deeks?!?!
NCISLARewatch: HA!

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