Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 27: Human Traffic

We made it to Season 2!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!!

Season 2 Episode 1: Human Traffic (Originally Aired September 21, 2010)

When one of their own disappears while undercover, the team must work alongside LAPD on a case involving human-trafficking, money laundering and drugs. Written by CBS Publicity (From IMDB.com) 

NCISLARewatch: So who do you think Callen is chasing?
Merrie: I've thought about that a couple of times and have some different ideas. A Comescu is one
  Here we go, Deeks is always in trouble one way or another!
NCISLARewatch: "he doesn't sleep so you can't" LOL!
Merrie: first episode of the season so Shane Brennan is the writer of course!
NCISLARewatch: So Deeks was a lawyer.
  okay I don't like that guy at all.
Merrie: Oh no he's a huge douche!
I think that may be my new favorite word, so high school xD
  NATE!!! I miss him!!!
NCISLARewatch: "are you asking me out?" Oh Nate...please!
  I miss him too.
Of course Hetty is able to shoot with her left hand she's HETTY!!
Merrie: I love how its always verbal nuances with Hetty... "Find Deeks" "Find Lazic"
NCISLARewatch: Oh Deeks...Glad you're alive but you look like crap.
Merrie: Kensi sure knows how to destroy cars! I was so excited when they put that in the last episode for Season 3! ("Son of a bitch! And for the record that's a side view mirror!)
NCISLARewatch: Okay really!?! I really don't like that guy!!!
  Ah...Plan B!
 Merrie: There's always a Plan B!!!

5 minutes
NCISLARewatch: Yes I'm shocked that you have a wife.
Deeks getting the crap beat out of him and he still makes jokes.
Merrie: Some women like the sleazy type as long as they have money!
NCISLARewatch: Deeks don't do it.
I love that Sam basically gives him permission to beat the crap out of him.
Ah...Nate is being shipped off to The Republic of None of Your Damn Business!
Merrie: LOL that's the Peoples Republic of None of Your Damn Business! xD
 NCISLARewatch: LOL!
  Callen sign the damn paper so Sam can get some SLEEP!!! He looks like crap!
Glad I'm not the only one who marked their initials somewhere in the house. Moved too many times.
Merrie: How many is too many? I moved 3 times and now that I have my own house I don't ever want to move
NCISLARewatch: 8 times from birth to 15 years old. Then moved 5 times while in Texas.
Unless we win the lottery we're not moving anytime soon
 Merrie: Can I ask why you moved so much?
NCISLARewatch: Dad worked for ***** Been in Texas for 27 years this summer. Longest place we lived in before that was Michigan which was four years.Merrie: WOW! That's a lot!

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