Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 4: Predator

Predator (Originally aired October 6, 2009)

A live missile training exercise goes wrong when the drone doesn’t fire at the target but veers off and kills a soldier on the ground.

Kensi comes into work and Sam asks about date number two.  She tells him that it didn’t happen because she canceled.  Says she’s great on the first date but the second date she gets bored and uninterested, so the first date is the last date.  Hetty tells Kensi that George Hamilton told her once that “what men really love is a woman who plays hard to get “ then she stops to think and adds “or was it Sinatra.” 

Eric shows them footage of the training exercise that happened twenty-four hours before.  Marine Mike Haslett was killed when the drone controlled by Airman Mark Briggs fired the live missile and now is missing. Now they have to find out where it is and if it was pilot error, system malfunction or sabotage.  Sam and Callen both know that with the drone missing that they have to find it fast but since it’s a joint training with the Marines and Air Force there is going to be a lot of paperwork and they don’t have time.  So they go to Hetty who knows people who might be able to help out.  

Hetty's contact is in the CIA, NSA, DOD, and rumored to be Black Ops for all three. He tells them the conversation never happened and they have sixty seconds.  They ask how secure are the UAVs. He tells them that the drones have been hacked four times in the past month but this is the first time they disappeared and not crashed. Before he leaves he tells them to tell Hetty that he had not forgotten about Nepal and as far as he was concerned they were even. 

A copy of the drone footage came up on the Internet and they see that the drone had landed in the desert with a semi-truck in the background and an unknown man. To get the footage off the web Eric crashes the Internet angering Hetty who was watching cats on a trampoline. Sam and Callen leave to go to the boat-shed (and rat Eric out to Hetty as they go).  

Briggs tells them that he didn’t misfire and a hacker got in the system.  The system is flawed and they knew it. Drones can get hacked fighter pilots can’t. Nate tells them that he doesn’t think that Briggs is their guy. Eric contacts them and lets them know that the hacker who put the footage up is at a day long class for computer science.  The guest speaker has only been seen by the FBI so they can improvise. He also says the man in the drone footage is Yousef Kaleem.  Sam and Callen go to Kaleem’s apartment to talk to him.  Kaleem comes home and shoots at them.  Sam chases him and shoots him twice just after Kaleem triggers a bomb in his bag.

Sam and Callen go back and the others know that Kaleem is dead.  They now have to focus on the hacker who posted the footage on the web.  Kensi is now posing as the Razor Mantis, a hacker, who was arrested by the FBI for stealing files from the department of defense and cut a deal in exchange for jail time she now has to teach class about cyber crime.  Dom checked out Kaleem’s house and found weapons.  Nate says that he is more of a follower than a leader and used to work for Aconcept Solutions that is owned by Author Jansen.  

While Kensi is doing her lecture Eric is helping her make the students believe that she is the real deal and scanning their computers at the same time.  Eric finds out that Joel Hardy had been spending a lot of money on trips and computer equipment the last couple of days.  Kensi takes a call and follows Joel.  Callen and Sam talk to Auther Janson.  They inform him that Kaleem is dead.  Janson tells them that he doesn’t want to know anything personal about his employees.  He hired him because of his computer skills, but he adds that Kaleem had recently been making anti-American remarks.

Kensi meets Joel at a bar for a drink and Dom is there for back up.  Joel goes to the bathroom and Dom follows him.  Someone distracts Dom and when he gets to the bathroom he finds Joel dead in one of the stalls.  They look at the security footage that Eric pulled from the bar.  They see a man walk right out of the area just after Dom walked in.  Nate tells him that it is not his fault.

The next day Sam comes in after looking at Joel Hardy’s apartment with a joystick that they think can control the drone.  Eric hacks into Joel’s computer and finds software that could allow them to hack a drone.  He sent it to AJSolutions.  The man who killed Joel is the Hamzi Khan.  His wife Rebecca was killed in a UAV attack at a school  She is also the sister of Arthur Janson and now they want revenge.

Eric alerts them that the truck that has the drone is on the move.  Sam and Callen get the driver out and find the truck empty.  The driver tells them that he was paid to drive the truck to the port by Author Janson.  Eric calls them and tells them that the drone is now airborne flying around LA.
Nate and Dom talk Briggs into helping them out.  Dom is the one who gets through to Briggs to help them. Callen finds the boat that Janson is on (named Rebecca).  The drone is targeting a high school, so Eric trips the fire alarms to get everyone out. Callen finds Janson and shoots him in the arm but Janson is still able to fire the missile. Unable to hack the drone Dom suggests hacking the missle which does work and crashes into the ocean.  


"Few men ever know how to deal with a smart strong, independent woman. They say they want a soulmate to share their dreams and their hopes but all they really want is a substitute mommy."

Favorite Quotes

Sam: How fast can we get that footage off the web?
Eric: With or without the cooperation of Sphereguy.com's legal department?  Okay, cutting through the legal tape…. I just crashed their entire server.
Hetty(yelling from her office) Idiot hackers!!!
Eric: Uh-oh
Callen: Sam, I think we are due in the boathouse.
Sam: Hi, Hetty
Callen: Eric did it.
Hetty: I was just watching that viral video with the cats and the trampoline and the site just froze up and crashed on me. Did you have anything to do with that?

 Nate: Whoa, what happened?
Callen: Kaleem's dead.
Nate: How?
Callen: Shot.
Sam: Blown up.
Dominic: You guys are thorough.

Hetty: Is that blood, Mr. Hanna?
Sam: Mostly.
Hetty: Yours?
Sam: Other guy's.
Hetty: Can we bill him?
Sam: Not anymore?


  • Hetty and blue eyes? George Hamilton?
  • What happened in Nepal?

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