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Week 13: Breach

Breach (originally aired on January 5, 2010)

A car crashes into a strip club and a Petty Officer from the Navy is killed.

We start off with Hetty asking about one of the credit card charges Callen's "alias'" charged....

$1,400 on RAW FISH!?!?! I really hope they got the bad guys ALIVE!

Petty Officer Mostel Renny was killed the night before when a car crashed into a strip club. Callen sees this as an accident scene, Hetty sees it as a crime scene.  Renny was part of the "Top secret Geek squad" of the Navy.  The woman who Renny pushed out of the way is a stripper named Katya.  She got a concussion when pushed out of the way and is in the hospital ready for questioning. The man in the car did not have a driver's license and the car had been stolen weeks ago.

Okay, what's up with Hetty?

Sam and Kensi go to the strip club.  After looking around, Sam realizes that Hetty is right and it is a crime scene (okay, again DUH! Hetty is ALWAYS right!)

Callen goes to talk to Katya who doesn't want to talk.  After assuring her that he is not with immigration she begins to open up. A man in the club grabbed her and the driver was with him.  Then Remmy intervened and the Club owner and bouncer stopped it.  Eric calls and tells Callen that there was a second set of prints on the car and they belong to Caesar Vargus.  He shows her the picture of Caesar and she said that was not the man from the night before.

Sam asked the owner of the club about the picture and tells him the same thing Katya said.  Sam knows that the owner is hiding something but doesn't know what. Callen, Sam and Kensi go to Caesar's house and find him in the refrigerator... dead (um...EW!)

Rose the M.E. tells Callen and Sam that the man was dead for about two weeks.  She also shows them the driver's body.  His back has marks that look like machete marks and had no drugs or alcohol in his system.
Eric identifies the driver from the refugee data base.  His name is Deng Oya he came to the US about two years ago to start a new life and is staying with a foster family.  He's one of 'The Lost Boys" of the Sudan.  Sam tells Callen he's going to go and check out a possible lead on the case.

Okay, really what's up with Hetty?

Sam goes over to a basketball court at a youth center and talks to a kid named Moe. Callen and Kensi go and talk to Katya at her house where she tells them that she's going to visit her sister (too bad she doesn't have one).  As Katya and Kensi argue, Callen sees a SUV speeding down the road and he gets them down before someone starts shooting at them.

Nate talks to Katya.  She's still very standoff-ish.  Callen shows her the picture of the driver and she doesn't remember him.  She has no idea why someone would want to do this but she is hiding something.  Sam takes Moe over to the beach to talk to him.  Moe knows the driver and tells him that the guy didn't have a driver's license.  He tells Sam that he had seen him talking to a guy named Safar (who was there the night before). Safar teaches religious studies at the Youth Center.  Sam doesn't like the fact that Moe goes there and that they have a bad rep for teaching radical views.  Moe assures him that he only goes there to play basketball.

Safar Jadalla is part of Islamic militant groups.  Dang did what he was ordered to do.  Sam tells Callen about Moe.  Nate tells Callen that Katya is slowly trusting them but wants some of her things at the house.  Callen goes over there and before he leaves he sees that her bedroom has two smoke detectors.  He finds a netbook in a closet and sees that the camera in the smoke detector is recording.  Callen shows her that he knows about the camera in her room.  Tells her that she needs to tell him the what is going on or she's going back to to Kiev..

Her boss has been blackmailing clients.  Anyone that had something to hide or what he wanted.  She knows Safar they called him 'The Buyer'.  So is Dallas selling the information to Safar?  Callen goes to the club. Katya comes back to work.  They go to a VIP room and Sam blocks the video feed.  Callen grabs the keycard and tries to get to the storage area.  The card doesn't work so Callen tries a different approach and goes to the kitchen to the storage area to the hard drive.  Dallas sees that something is wrong and catches Callen in the kitchen and pulls the fire alarm.  Sam and Kensi go in and the ass kicking begins.

Dallas is put in custody and says that he's not going to answer any questions without his lawyer.  Eric and Dom go through the tapes.  Hetty shuts the operation down... all evidence is to be sent to DOD and Dallas has to be released. There is nothing that Hetty can do.  They have to shut them down and gives them an hour.  Eric finds footage on Safar.  Sam goes over to the basketball court where Moe plays and gives them a flash drive.  Tells them that they are looking for Safar and need to talk to him.

Callen meets him on a Pier.  Wants $50,000 dollars or the footage goes out.  Safar threatens to kill him, Katya, Dallas, and then bystanders on the pier.  They get him into custody.  Safar mentions to Sam that he knows Moe and that Sam killed Moe's father.  Sam goes to see Moe who is about to leave in a van with other boys.  Sam tells him that he was protecting innocent people and Moe to go with him and he did it to protect Moe.  Moe still upset gets in the van and leaves.

Katya has a lawyer and help, Safar is in custody of the CIA and they will use his information.  Eric tells Sam that Moe is on his way to Paris and then to Chad.

Okay so THAT'S why Hetty is so moody!  I understand her pain of retyping. I had the write the blog TWICE because my first one was deleted.  It wasn't done but it's still frustrating.

On a personal note I want to apologize on the last couple of posts (include this one and the next one) being late.  With summer (over 100 degrees), family, work and other things I haven't had a chance (or been tired) to get it done. School started on Monday for my daughter and my son starts after Labor Day.  We'll then be on more of a schedule (and I won't have to chase down my son for potty training).  Thanks again for reading and being patient.

Next Weeks episode Past Lives (which should be up by Thursday if no problems happen)

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