Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 18: China Town

Chinatown (Originally aired March 2, 2010)

Summary from imdb.com
The death of a lieutenant commander appears to be suicide but the NCIS team uncovers evidence corresponding to murder. Also, Operational Psychologist Nate Getz joins Special Agent Kensi Blye in the field. Written by CBS Publicity

Merrily17:  Drunk chicks hanging out of the limos moon roof, how cliche!
NCISLARewatch: Dead guy!

NCISLARewatch:Sam and Callen going all married couple - ‘You’re my partner not my mother.'
Merrily17:  Sam is like his Mom

Nate is let out.

NCISLARewatch:  “Don’t make me get the muzzle.” Kensi to Nate

NCISLARewatch'sHubby: Don’t run.

Merrily17:  Spiking the drink...nice guy.

NCISLARewatch: Callen - What do you know that we don’t. Eric - The words to every TV theme song

Merrily17: Five weeks to the day since Dom went missing.

NCISLARewatch:  Why would anyone throw a toilet seat off a bridge?

NCISLARewatch:  I do not wan to meet the owner of this shoe. That’s a lot of woman. Maybe.

You do things you break things you don’t dabble in things.
NCISLARewatch's Hubby: Oh woman crying what do? I do what do? What do I do?!?!

Merrily17:  A gay lieutenant commander. Think his mother knew?

Merrily17:  Blood spatter, we need ABBY!!!!

Merrily17:  Eric just said the name of the episode “Chinatown”

NCISLARewatch:  We’re created a monster.  Well that’s what happens when you let Nate out of his office.

NCISLARewatch:  admirable quality curiosity, unless of course you’re a cat! HETTY!!

Merrily17:  Suckers for a pretty face, and she turned out to be deadly!

NCISLARewatch:  Good God guys

NCISLARewatch: Every time I come here I feel like I’ve walked into a damn Hardy Boys novel.

NCISLARewatch:  Leave that to me.  Oh crap.  Hetty is going to make them talk.

Kerwood Ames an operational psychologist who became an agent and was killed with in the first two weeks on the job... or was it two days? Nate asks Hetty about becoming an agent

Merrily17:  Aw the bobblehead... :(  Xiu Lee mail order bride/Chinese assassin/Calvin’s handler

Okay Dad is a bad guy...

NCISLARewatch's Hubby: They had cheese graphics in season 1.

Merrily17:  So they are able to have a second child and go to America if they raise him to be a spy.
Nice parents!!

NCISLARewatch:  On 3... NO! LOL

NCISLARewatch:  and yet  by September Nate is going out on his own doing his secret squirrel thing.

Merrily17:  AH, yes... the Peoples Republic of None of your Damn Business!

NCISLARewatch:  That’s a very dangerous place!  He has a GUN! LOL!

NCISLARewatch:  I think it’s because he got too close to finding out Callen’s past (in seeing the book with agent hand writting) and Hetty sent him away so he wouldn’t figure it out. (But we won’t put that in because that will spoil the stuff for the end of the season.) 
Merrily17: True

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