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Week 15: :Missing

Missing (Originally aired January 26, 2010)

A car driving down in Los Angeles goes down some back roads.  It is met up with a van and three men.  They fight with the driver of the car. Gunshots go off and the driver (whose face we don't see) is dragged to the van and taken away.

The next morning we find out how Karaoke went the night before.....

Callen.  Sweetie... You cannot do a duet holding your nose while singing Willie Nelson.  It doesn't count.

Sam... I agree with Callen, My Funny Valentine is not very popular for Karaoke. Yes, it is a Jazz Standard but not a good choice.

Nate... How drunk are you?!?!

Hetty... I would pay MONEY to see you sing "Wanted Dead or Alive."

Where is Dom?   Hetty assures everyone that he would have his own safety meeting that will take up his whole weekend.  Hetty starts the yearly "Safety meeting" and phones start going off.  Hetty gets annoyed until Callen sees that it's an Agent Needs Assistant text.

The text was not on long enough to get a trace and the GPS was turned off on his phone.  They find his car in an allyway where he would take a short cut to get home.  The car is the one where the man was taken from.  This is not good.  Bullet holes in the windshield, blood all over the seats and there is no trace of him anywhere. So the question is, where is Dom?

No Traffic cameras in the area and nothing was stolen.  Eric calls that there are cameras on every corner but the one he was at.  On board camera was operating, but there is a bullet hole in the hard drive. But everyone does agree that no one bleeds that much and survives. Kensi brings it to Ty who tells her that they probably wouldn't be able to get anything off of it but he would try. 

No witnesses, computer untouched due to Dom being a stickler for security and Nate tells Hetty that Dom's demeanor was okay.  So why Dom? Hetty tells them that the other agencies have all called and offiered their help in finding him.

Kensi and Nate go to Dom's place to see if they can find anything.  She realizes that they never really did know him.  Kensi sees that he didn't come home and then notices that he has two monitors.  One for internet and one for games (yeah he's a geek!).  They see that he tapped into the security cameras in the parking lot.

Callen looks at the laptop and it's mostly gadget stuff nothing that indicates anything wrong.  Callen thinks that it's random, wrong place at the wrong time.  Sam thinks it's about something.  Eric shows them the cameras in the parking garage.  They then see that a camera was added by someone above the parking spot.  Two days ago someone put a camera up there. This is a pro doing this. Again WHY DOM?  He was a rookie.  He didn't have time to make any enemies.  But THEY do!

Eric comes down to let them know that Dom's phone came back on.  They get a gps lock on it and they go to the house.  The house is empty and there is a man upstairs in one of the rooms dead.  Looked like someone tried to save him with no ID.  IV bags from a hospital are left on the floor.  They get the blood tested in Dom's car to make sure it's not Dom's

Ty got audio from the car.  Kensi translates  There is a name mentioned, Rafiele, and then it goes dead.  Kensi is not taking this well at all.  Hetty goes and talks to her...

Eric finds out that Frederico Gomez, Jose and  Rafael Taro are guns for hire and proof of  life abductions in South America.  Jose and Rafael have a sister, Claudia, who is a nurse that works at the hospital where the IV bags are from.  They go find Claudia and bring her to the boatshed.  She tells him that she thought if she helped them she wouldn't have to see them again.  They told her that they had a package to deliver.

Sam and Callen decide to call the Taro Brothers and tell them they want Dom for Claudia.  She at first resists but she does help them.  She tells them that she needs their help and to do what they say.  They tell them to meet at an old hospital in the boiler room and bring her in an hour.

They look at the plans, their turf, their staging.  Hetty suggests a satellite with infrared abilities.  Callen brings Claudia in, while Sam is outside.  Sam goes in because there is another heat signature.  The problem is they have no idea where the people are with the view that they have.  The heat signature is stronger than the others because he is closer to the roof.  Callen keeps on asking for Dom and they keep on stalling.  He wants to see Claudia's face so they take off the hood and it's Kensi.  Sam does a diversion and there is a shootout.  Both Taro brothers are shot.

Rafael wants to make a deal that this would not be on Claudia's record and Callen promises him.  He tells him that Dom is in a van over by the river.  He has no idea why or who wanted him they never met the person who paid him to do this.  The three of them go over there open the van doors and it is empty. So again the question of this episode is WHERE IS DOM!?!

"At the end of the day we all deal with things in our own way...don't we"  Hetty Lange.


See Me by Rob Giles 

Next Weeks Episode: LD50

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