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Week 12: Brimstone

Brimstone (Originally aired December 15,  2009)

It's Christmas in NCIS LA Land this week.

Man goes to an ATM and while putting in his information he gets a phone call.  The phone blows up and kills him. Yikes!

We start off in the morning with Sam and Callen bringing in a tree....

(Thanks again to my partner in crime)
Sorry guys I agree with Hetty. THAT is not a Christmas tree (says the woman who has a small fake tree up on a desk during the holidays).

The man who was killed by his cell phone exploding is Asher Ross a former staff Sargent EOD in the Marines.  Six months ago he was part of a convoy hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  He got a  medical discharge because he lost hearing in his ear.  Kensi, Callen and Sam go to the ATM and check out what he was doing before he got the call.  Eric calls and tells them that the person who made the call was within a half a mile of him.  The phone is now turned off and probably thrown away.  Sam goes to look for the phone while Kensi and Callen go to Ross' house to see if they can find anything.

Ross' father says that he wasn't close enough to know what was going on (It's a very "Cats in the Cradle" relationship).  Asher wanted to be a Marine since he was a little kid.  He lent his savings to one of the guys in his Unit and he hadn't paid him back.

Sam talks to Eric about activating the phone.  He calls it and the phone rings (notice that Sam hides behind  a building just in case it does blow up) the dumpster...covered in garbage and maggots. YUCK!
The person who Ross lent the money to was  Hastings King whose garage is not too far away from where Sam is.  Sam goes to talk to King who is under a truck and tells him to go away.  Sam looks and sees why King wanted him to him go away.  There is a bomb in the truck.

The bomb has a secondary device and it's a two man job to dismal it  King comes from out under the truck and we see that he is missing a leg.  King denies killing Ross.  Says that Ross saved his live more than once while they were there and was the only person who took a chance on him.

Dom, Eric and Kensi find out that at Ross' cellphone had traces of HMX67 military grade explosive.  The person had to have access to his cellphone in order to wire it with an explosive.  Callen gives Nate hell (again) about wearing a tie.  Nate then goes over to see Sam who is looking at the bomb that was at Hastings King Garage....

(Thanks again to my partner in crime)

Eric tells Sam and Callen that he was able to pull information off Ross' laptop and saw that he had lunch with  Stanton Olin two days before he died. Nate goes to Hetty to get her approval on the psych evaluations for the team next month. Hetty tells him that if he is patient the team will go to him and all he will have to do is listen. Kensi and Callen go to Holden's house.  He walks up, runs, gets in his car and as he drives away it blows up.

When asked why Olin ran he tells Kensi and Callen that someone had been following him. They look at the video of the car explosion and Sam sees that on the back window of the car is Arabic lettering.  Translation is "Those who reject faith and deny our signs will be companions of hell fire," looks like someone is after them.

Nate talks to Olin who is at the boat shed. Olin says that it is his fault that Ross is dead because he didn't try hard enough to convince him that something was going on.  Ross blames himself for what happened in Iraq.  Callen tells him that it could help if he talks about it.  He tells them that everyone dealt with what happened there differently.  King started his business, he found God, and Ross moved on. Callen tells him that there was a warning on the back of the car.  Asks if he knew anyone who would of left it. There was a man in the unit Turik didn't know him very well. Tariq was badly burned by an IED and maybe he blames them.

His record is clean and Kensi goes to talk to the person who lives at the last known address.  Kimberly hadn't seen him since he left.  Wouldn't see her when  he came back.  Tariq stepped up and treated her daughter like she was his own.  Was very tolerant with religious views Tariq drops off money at a mailbox place.  Sam and Callen go over there to get information about the box....

(Thanks again to my partner in crime)

Tariq had been staying with Ross and working for King.  They need someone to go over to King's auto place to see if Tariq is there so they can question him.  Kensi goes to talk to King on a motorcycle talks about her father being a Marine.  Looking for Tariq while King is looking at the motorcycle she sees a gun and takes it.  King denies knowing Tariq.  She mentions that she was engaged to a marine killed in Falasha.  He calls Tariq and tells him that someone is there to see him.  When Tariq comes down he has no idea who she is.  Sam comes in tells him he's NCIS and Tariq throws a hammer at Sam's head. Callen on the other side and get him into custody.  King calls Kensi a lair and asks how she thinks her Dad would feel that she grew up to be a professional liar.

Olin was told by Nate that Tariq was taken into custody for the death of Ross. Olin tells them about when they were in Iraq.  There were two women and they offered them some candy.  Another woman with a baby arrives and Tariq sees her as a security risk . They start shooting guns and everyone is dead.   He gives Nate his bible says it would mean a lot to him if Nate took it.

Kensi is at her desk looking at a picture of her Dad.  Hetty comes over with tea.....

(Thanks again to my partner in crime)

Nate talks to Tariq wanting to know about Ross and king.  Ross saved his life.  Saved King and Olin.  says that the guy was a hero.  Nate asks him about the Iraq woman and her baby.  He has no idea what he is talking about.  He tells Nate that there wasn't a baby she was holding a bomb.  He didn't shoot her Olin did and saved everyone in the area.  When asked about religion Tariq told them that Olin could quote the Qur’an or the Talmud just as easy as the bible. He saved their lives.  Kensi calls them and tells them that Ross' cell phone had a high grade explosive but the one in Olin's car was not, so it wouldn't kill him.  They figure out that Olin was the one who did it, not Tariq. 

Callen and Sam go to Olin's house.  They see that the house is rigged by pressure pads under the rug.  They see that there is a list of other members of the unit.  They call Eric and see if he's on any flights.  Nate realizes that Olin giving the Bible was giving away his possessions which is a warning sign of suicide. Olin wanted to punish himself and the unit for what they did in Iraq.

Nate calls Callen and tells them what is going on.  Kensi goes to King's garage tells him what is going on but he doesn't believe her. Olin comes in with a bomb strapped to his chest.  Tells everyone that they can leave that it's just between him and King for what they did.  Kensi shoots Olin in the elbow and King is able to cut the trigger wire.

Sam, Kensi and Callen go back to the office....

(Thanks again to my partner in crime)

  • "Merry Christmas Everybody" by Slade

Next Weeks episode: "Breach"

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