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Week 11: Random on Purpose

Random on Purpose (Originally aired November 2009)

Tonight's episode we get another guest from NCIS!  Abby!

A man is killed in his home with the killer leaving no traces of DNA or prints there.  The only way we know they are there is it being filmed by the Nanny Cam in a teddy bear.

This weeks show starts off with Callen looking confused....

This is one of my favorite scenes of this show.  The look on Callen’s face and him just saying “Don’t know” makes me laugh every time.  It also makes you wonder how long he had been there before Sam and Kensi got there.I also love the look on Callen's face when he KNOWS that Hetty is there beside him.

Hetty: “Continue Mr. Callen Continue."
Callen: “With the authority”  


Hetty explains that she's tired of the office looking like a fraternity lounge and they are welcome to have one or two personal items.  All of their "stuff" is now put away safely in trash bags (most of it's Kensi's). Now on to work! Chief Petty Officer Frank McEllon one of the Navy's top Engineers was murdered the night before. They are looking at murder and possible espionage.

Callen and Sam go to the house and wonder how an enlisted man could have a house that nice.  He signed up after 9/11. The room that McEllon was found in was the Nursery.  Sam calls Eric to look at the security cam that the house behind them has.  Kensi points out that the window sill was dusted for prints but they're aren't any.  The person who killed McEllon came in and out of that window.  There aren't any prints fibers or hairs. Sam picks up the teddy bear on the diaper changer and we find out that it's a Nanny Cam...and it was on!

Sam talks to Dom. Callen talks to Eric. They try to tell each other what the other one said and we have Kensi flipping a coin to find out who talks first.

Back at the office Sam likes the new arrangement.  Callen not that much.  Eric whistles for the guys to come up stairs.

So Abby thinks that the person who killed McEllon is the one that she has been blogging about.  She calls him "The Phantom".  There have been fourteen murders in two years with no forensic evidence.  None of the same type of murders that The Phantom has done are repeated.  She has tried to get the local police where the murders have been done to help out but they will not.  Eric shows her that they have a clue.  The man casing out the house three days before the murder.

Callen talks to Hetty about why she pressured Vance to send Abby to help with the case and he's a little fuzzy about the chain of command because of some of the meddling going on at the office. (In other words Callen doesn't like change).  She assures him that she is the operations manager and he is the head agent on the case.  "You still shoot the ducks, I just row the boat"

They look at the Nanny cam footage and we see that the killer is wearing a bodysuit.  He takes the evidence with him.  Abby and the gang go to the house. Dom found emails from the future ex-wife threatening to kill him.  The suit that The Phantom was wearing had the fabric like the dust cloths that have a static charge.  Sam and Callen go talk to McEllon's lawyer. She tells him that he was a nice guy and she told him to fight. She's a widow not an ex.  They get her address and go talk to her. They find her with the guy who was checking out the house three days before.  They follow him and he runs (why do they run?!).  They catch him and take him to the boat shed for questioning.

Kensi goes to talk to Magda McEllon while Dom videos her.  She is shocked and surprised to the news that her husband was killed the night before.  Callen is interviewing Cyrus Hill who ran because he thought they were going to steal something from him not because he has two arrest warrants out on him.  His name is really Ted Brock.  He says that he was with Magda McEllon the night before.  She tells Kensi she was with her child Lilly.  Cyrus/Ted says that he took her out and she got a babysitter for the the baby.  Out of anger she told Cyrus/Ted about the Patents.  He found out that there was ten grand in bonds at the house.  He saw the camera and left.  He was in Brentwood with a lady friend.  Off to jail he goes!

Abby emails the company and has to stay overnight.  Eric asks her out and they go to a bar called Steampunk. Flagstaff PD calls them and tells them that they did find boot patterns same size as the ones in McEllon's house. But why McEllon. All the other murders where in small towns but this one is in LA and NCIS is also involved so what does that get them? It gets them ABBY!  They call up Eric who just got refills on drinks while Abby went out to look at the hotrod cars in the parking lot.  She is drugged and taken away in a van.

Hetty and Nate talk to Director Vance.  The parking lot had no cameras or witnesses.  Vance tells them that Gibbs and the gang are on their way to LA. Good news is he didn't kill her, bad news is she doesn't have much time. Sam and Callen go to Steampunk to ask the bartender if he had seen her.  Bartender tells Sam that he's not talking to anyone without a warrant.  Callen goes with Plan B: Unplugs the music and asks for help finding Abby.  Sam sees that the waitress looking uncomfortable.  Sam puts on the puppy-dog eyes and asks for her help. She tells Sam that a man paid her a hundred dollars to text him if Abby showed up.

Mike287 was on Abby's blog.  He works at the law office that McEllon used.  They also got hazmat suits two years ago. Abby wakes up in a room and knows that The Phantom is Mike 287.  There is video camera set above.  He monologs about how he won't make the same mistakes again thanks to her. How he will get away with her murder, the door is booby-trapped to explode if opened.  She claims that her noise itches and she bites his finger and now he has her teeth marks on his finger.

Kensi and Callen go to the law office as a couple who want a divorce.

(Again thanks to my partner in crime for this video)

Sam goes in and gets the video of the names of the people on the cell phones. Mike smith is mike287 and has been out for two days.  Eric finds live video of Abby.  They go to the office next door and they find Mike Smith dead in the basement.

The real Mike Smith has been dead about two-three days.  Kensi sends video of the person posing as Mike Smith.  It's the Receptionist who is also Smith's nephew.  His Uncle owns about a dozen places around the area.   Time is running out for Abby.  Eric sees that Abby is using sign language finger spelling.  "Construction noise" is the first part of the message.  They go to one of the building about to open the door when Sam sees a wire to the door.  Eric then gets the second part which is "doors booby trapped."  

They go to the roof :

(Again thanks to my partner in crime for this video)

In the day or so that Abby was there she solved fifteen murders.  Abby goes upstairs to talk to Gibbs via video conference.  Callen takes Hetty aside and tells her that with the new arrangement the team is getting a half a days work done in thirty minutes time. "You row pretty good"

  • Spaces In Between By Collide
  • Chaotic By Collide
  • Go!(Club Mix) By Tones on Tail

Did You Notice?:
  • Abby calls Director Vance Leon?
  • Sam wears Red...A lot.

Next Weeks Episode: Brimstone

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